Opinion: The blame for Sao Paulo’s new disappointment must be shared between the coach and the players. Sao Paulo

No one is to blame for Brasileirão’s return to Sao Paulo from Palmyra last Monday. Everyone in the club has a responsibility. And next Thursday, at 8pm, against the same opponent, for the Round of 16 of the Copa du Brazil, there will be a big challenge.

Rogerio Seini said in a press conference that the game plan was done correctly and two goals were justified in stoppage time by ignoring the dead ball. The coach, however, did not mention that Sao Paulo stopped attacking and called Palmyras to his field during the second half.

After a good first half, after many opportunities, the team led by the coach returned to the final stage with a different attitude. If in the first 45 minutes he manages to touch the ball and make plays (sine and the qualities of the players) then in the last 45 he finds himself boxed.

The solution was to throw long balls to fight the calories.

The tactic worked, and Sao Paulo managed to slow down Alviward. However, in the 37th minute, Sini made two changes that messed up the system. He replaced Rodrigo Nestor with Regoni, and replaced Eder with Eder.

Jandri expresses regret over the purpose of Palmyra’s return – Photo: Marcos Reboli.

This move made the team even weaker, with very little power to react. The goal seemed to be on time, and it happened in the 45th minute.

On this occasion, the initial allegation of Sini’s dirty fights was shared with the players. There was a lack of focus on defense, especially Miranda – who entered the field three minutes earlier to increase the height of the defense – to keep Gustavo Gomez free in the second post.

The palmeirense defender seemed to be in a non-marking finish exercise. Even with seven Sao Paulo players in the area, Paraguay did not have to make the leap to head and tie the match.

After that, it was up to Sao Paulo to stop for a few more minutes to pick up a point, which would be already disappointing to get so close to victory. But then another problem arose in the group: emotional shock.

Calvary in Sao Paulo vs. Palmyra – Photo: Marcos Reboli.

The current Sao Paulo squad has already had some demonstrations of how easily they lose focus in critical moments and become completely weak. It was like last year’s fight against Brasileirao’s relegation, this year’s final against Palstao, against Palmyra, and even this season in away games.

And in the face of all this danger, there was a turning point, which was unlikely. At 50 minutes, another air ball was not cut by the defense. Morello appeared and shut up more than 31,000 spectators in Mormbi.

Last Monday’s game exposed the weaknesses of an unbalanced Sao Paulo, who has some options on the bench and is absent due to injury. Classic had eight absences due to medical issues.

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For the Copa du Brazil Round of 16, against the same Palmeiras, next Thursday all the factors involved become a huge threat.

As midfielder Patrick put it, the cast will have less than three days to pick up the pieces or “lick the wounds”, so as not to spoil the climate which is no longer the best. At the end of the confrontation, the slogans of “shameless team” gave a thermometer of things to come.

Rogério Ceni has already made it clear several times that Brasileirão is a priority, but playing with dignity in the fifth, for Copa do Brazil, can calm the anger in an unstable moment.

“Defeat a team that doesn’t learn a lesson”, Caio | The sound of the crowd

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