Palmeiras hit the ‘hammer’ and decided to keep Gustav Scarpa in the team until the end of the contract

Gustavo Scarpa Brazil is one of the most influential names in the international market since the beginning of the movement. According to the information provided by G.E.And checked and verified by the report Throw!Oh Palm trees He hit the hammer and decided to keep the midfielder in the team until the end of the contract.

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Verdão’s shirt number 14 is a bond with the club that lasts until December of this year, without any renewal, planned by the parties. Remember that playing on European soil has always been a player’s biggest dream.

– I never hid my dream, and every year it gets harder because of age, but the dream is to dream and fulfill. At the right time, in the right way. We do not know anything about the future. If I look back, I will say that I was dying to go to Europe, this was my chance. It didn’t work out, but I’m living the greatest moment in Palmyra’s history, winning ridiculous titles, and I’m as happy as hell. People sometimes don’t understand the things that are happening now, but they believe in God. Time goes by and you think that maybe it wasn’t the moment – Scarpa said in a recent interview G.E..

As reported by L!Gustavo Scarpa and the Palmeirense Board have a good relationship, which is one of the most respected and thought-provoking in history. However, talks to renew a possible agreement are not over, although its name has sparked interest from Olympiacos, Greece, for example – according to the local press.

Palmeiras explained that the shirt was one of the main pieces of the 14-a-side Ferreira squad. Therefore, even if his leave is completely free at the end of the contract, in December, it is more beneficial for the club to keep it and not sell it in the next transfer window.

It’s not just about money at Alviverde, it’s about the benefits of sports. Gustavo Scarpa Palmeiras makes all the difference in the squad, even more so when it comes to coaches being offered more options for major title disputes.

The midfielder arrived in Verdão in 2018 after resolving legal issues with Fluminense and recovering from a heel injury. In this way, he strengthened the team in the last part of Brazil’s title campaign. The following season, the shirt began to be a pillar in the 14 team’s playmaking and assist sector.

Versatile, both offensively and defensively, it is worth noting that Gustavo Scarpa has amassed 204 games for Verdão, scoring 38 goals and assisting 51, making him the second-largest waiter in the current squad. ۔


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