Palmyra broke the 28-year-old ban to reach the world’s biggest unbeaten series

O Palm trees The current is a record sprayer. This is evident with every sign that the team arrives and every taboo. The latter fell to a 2-1 victory. Sao Paulo In Morambi, for the 13th round Brazil. The Alvarez team had not won a single match at the opponent’s house for 28 years.

The last time he returned was to beat Sao Paulo 3-2 on May 1, 1994 in Mormbe, the date of Erton Cena’s death. Eller made it 1-0 that night and Edelson equalized. Mرller benefited Sao Paulo, but Morelio and Avery secured the return.

This Monday (20), 28 years later, Patrick visited Sao Paulo’s networks. In extra time the guards ensured the historic victory of Palmyra. Gomez scored 45 and Morello 50 at the turnaround. In addition, Verdo has access to 19 unbeaten matches, the longest unbeaten series by a team worldwide.

The last time Verdão left the field without a point in the account was on April 9, more than two months ago. At the time, he had lost 3-2 to Ceará in the first round of Brazil at Allianz Park.

“Congratulations to the players who have tremendous mental capacity in a very difficult stadium. Everyone is facing a lot of difficulties and only one team has won here in these years. Ours. Today was our second victory,” João Martins said. The assistant referred to the unbeaten series at home in Sao Paulo, which ended with Palmyra. In Brasileirão, the team had not yet lost as a home team.

With João Martins, Palmeiras, by the way, never lost. 15 times he ordered the team to replace Able Ferreira – either by suspension or by coveted – he had ten wins and five draws. In the past, it is worth remembering, he led the team in four classics, three against Santos and the last against Sao Paulo.

“Good thing because maybe it means the players give a little more. The commander is not there and Professor Able says that when that happens, they all have to bring their coach to the field,” said the assistant. ۔ He was on the lawn at the time as Bassable Ferreira grabbed Cowade 19 and he was alone.

In the classics, as a whole, under Able or one of his assistants, Palmyra recorded 14 wins, seven draws and five defeats. 41 goals were scored and 23 goals were scored.

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The leader of Brasileirão, with 28 points, possessing the best attack and possessing the least defensive defense in the tournament, Palmeiras also holds the record for most unbeaten runs in all 20 teams in Serie A. There have been 19 consecutive games without a loser this season, 12 of which are for national competitions. Which is ahead of the Corinthians by three points.

There are 15 wins and four draws in three competitions (Libertadores, Brasileirão and Copa do Brasil). This is the longest unbeaten and longest series of the Abel Ferreira era after 20 games without a defeat under Vanderlei Luxemburgo between July and October 2020.

Therefore, if not overcome on Thursday, the day they meet again with Sao Paulo, this time in the first round of the Round of 16 of the Copa d’Or Brazil, the Alviord team is almost equal to the order it had with Luxembourg two years ago. ۔ The current series is already the club’s third-largest series of the century.

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