Palmyra does not accept the values ​​and complicates the journey of the river plate of the bourgeoisie.

Palmyra owns 50% of the bourgeois economic rights and must agree to a business model for negotiations. Understand!

O Palm trees Has a direct impact on the negotiations Borja, Striker who is currently defending. Jr. BarranquillaAs River plate. Alviverde still owns 50% of the player’s financial rights and, according to the journalist, Andre HernanThe Sao Paulo club did not agree with the Argentine team’s proposed business model.

Riverplate’s initial idea was to pay ئر 5 million to Junior Barranquilla for 50% of the player’s rights. However, just as Palmyra owns the other half of the athlete’s rights, so too is part of the negotiation, which will force Millennials to expand their offer.

Channel – Sports Buzz:

If he accepts the values ​​set by Argentina, Alviard will receive less than 2.5 2.5 million (R $ 12.8 million) in taxes, which is not attractive to the club. Negotiations between the parties will continue, but the sale will only take place if Palmyra, River Plate, Jr. Baranquila and the Bourgeoisie agree on all the terms.

The bourgeoisie and its representatives are in contact with the Alvarez Board to try to move the business forward. If the Sao Paulo club does not accept these terms, the player will remain in Junior Barranquilla, which in December of this year paid about ً 3.5 million (approximately US ً 20 million) to receive half of the player’s financial rights. Had paid Past

The bourgeoisie left Palmyra after five years and moved to Junior Barranquilla – Getty Images

GALATASARAY is preparing a proposal for Scarpa.

This Thursday, the 23rd, Palm trees Visit Sao Paulo Copa do Brazil in the first round of the Round of 16, but it seems they will have to worry about off-field issues already. Therefore Gustavo Scarpa Outside attention can be drawn and, at any time, get suggestions from. گالاتسرائے Leaving the ward.

In the great stage, the midfielder has been instrumental in the positive results of the Palmyra so far this season. After the injury Rafael VegaThe player got a position in the midfield and played a great game meeting the expectations of the coaching staff and the fans.

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