Palmyra rejected the offer of a river plate for the bourgeoisie.

Photo: Publicity / Palmyra

Borja is one of the river plate targets in the hair market. The striker can strengthen River’s squad for the rest of the season. The Argentine club made a suggestion to the former Palmeiras striker, who today defends the colors of junior Barranquilla from Colombia. But, according to journalist Andre Hernan, Verdo denied Argentina’s first attack.

It is noteworthy that Palmyra has participated in the negotiations, as he has 50% of the player’s possession. In other words, Verdão is directly involved in the player’s future. According to the communicator, the Sao Paulo Club underestimated the values ​​offered, so it rejected the first proposal.

Despite the denial, the name of the bourgeoisie should still move the ball market. According to the journalist, River Plate could still try a new attack.

Information: Palmeiras refuses business model between Miguel Borja’s River Plate and Jr Barranquilla. Verdão, who owns 50% of the attacker’s rights, found the values ​​too low! Now it’s up to the river to improve the offer. There must be a conversation !! “The journalist said.

Players who can leave Palmyra in mid-season.

Gustavo Scarpa He has already made it clear that he wants to fulfill his dream of playing in European football. With a contract signed by the end of 2022 and an excellent phase with the Palmeiras shirt, the midfielder is targeted by two clubs for the mid-year transfer window: from England to Nottingham Forest, and from Olympiacos, Greece.

But, despite the advance, Palmyra does not intend to negotiate No. 14 and the tendency is to leave it free once the contract expires.

Dudu: The Idol of Palmyra, Dudu is another which arouses the interest of European football. The striker may have been nominated by George Jesus to bolster the Fenerbahce from Turkey. Another Turkish club that found Verdão’s No. 7 was Galatasaray.

Dodo was approached by two Turkish clubs: Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, later directed by George Jesus, who signaled the signing of a Palmyra player. The information was provided by a person close to Dudu. No, the idea of ​​both clubs was to find Dudu manager Andre Curie to understand the terms of the deal. (…) Value for Dudu? There will be no talks, 10-12 million euros (R $ 54 million-R $ 65 million), maybe “, journalist George Nicola announced on his YouTube channel.

Gabriel SilvaLast month, journalist George Nicola reported that Burnley, from England, would try again to get Gabriel Silva promoted. The 20-year-old has little space with Able Ferreira and can be traded.

“Burnley tried to hire her in early February and made a new appointment. The idea is to rent her out on a one-season loan with the option to buy. This model is offered at the beginning of the season. Very similar to the model being made. What was caught was the purchase price. Palmyras underestimated the value of R $ 18 million. Since we are facing a new negotiation and a long term, the trend of Palmyras is They can increase that value, “said journalist George Nicola on his YouTube channel at the time.

Danilo: The absolute owner of the Palmeiras and recently called up to the Brazilian team, midfielder Danilo has developed an interest in European football and has already been speculated by the press at clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid.

Rafael NavarroAccording to journalist Venê Casagrande, striker Rafael Navarro, who is currently in the Palmyra reserve, was offered to Fenerbahçe, the new club of George Jesus.

“Many names are being offered to George Jesus. [técnico do Fenerbahce]Many more, many of them attackers [Rafael] Navarro was offered there. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

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