Paolo Sousa’s work in Flamingo is a great failure.

Paolo Sousa’s work in Flamingo is a great failure.

In the first six rounds, with 18 points, Flamingo won just six. 33.33% usage. Decreased team performance. There are no acceptable excuses, no acceptable hope. After more than four months of work, Paolo Sosa’s team is a group on the field and plays less than under the command of all the coaches of the Landeum era: Able Braga, Jorge Jesus, Dominic Torrent, Rogerio Sini and Renato Gaucho. A complete disaster.

In the draw with Ceará, which has come from three consecutive defeats and is in the relegation zone, it is unfair to blame only Hugo (who missed Ceará’s second goal) and be faithful to what was seen in the match. no. Even since the goalkeeper had made three saves earlier, two of them in the final, when Polo Sousa’s team swallowed and surrounded Dorival Jr. on the rugged lawn of Castello.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the Red Blacks fired only one shot at goal throughout the second half, in which the most dangerous move of the Carioca attack was Pablo’s header, at the crossbar, after another set piece by Eraskita. ۔ (Author of William Arau’s two-goal cross in the first half). Once again, Flamengo was a desert of minimalist ideas, dramas and strategies.

After trying, without success, to enforce his position game system, with three defenders and two wings, stuck in the sidelines, Paolo Sousa surrenders to the more traditional style of play, but this However, it has not achieved results. Gabigol now retreats more than ever, and the rival territory is, for the most part, a desert where the invaders rarely settle in red and black. Not surprisingly, goals usually come from set pieces, as in the disappointing draw at Fortaleza.

It is unbelievable that anyone believes that Paulo Sousa’s “actions” will still take Flamingo to any place that matters. Of course, the coach is not the only culprit – the entire football scene is gone and lost, the direct culprit being football vice president Marcus Braz, who was greeted by fans with a popcorn shower on the planet.

Had the president been someone other than Rodolfo Landem, who has always been quiet and absent, there would have already been a major cleanup. Apparently, however, this will only happen if Flamingo still has no further chances in any of the controversial titles: Libertadores, Copa do Brasil and Brasileiro.

Or, playing this mequetrefe football, does anyone, in their right mind, believe that the continent’s most expensive squad will lift the cup in 2022? The easiest of these (Carioquinha’s fourth championship) was undoubtedly lost. And from there to here, instead of the team getting ready, it changed. Paolo Sousa’s work in Flamingo is a great failure.

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