Patrick signs up to become Calry’s partner.

The two classics against Palmeiras brought good news for Sao Paulo, who have to deal with the drama of depriving Arboleda of a serious injury. In addition to reviving morale with a 1-0 victory, Rogério Ceni saw his bet pay off in the attack yesterday (23), at Mormbay. Facing the bad times of Éder, Luciano and Rigoni, Patrick found a place to become Jonathan Calleri’s new partner.

The midfielder was selected as the second striker and he responded. Two goals were scored in two games against Palmyra. If the bitter taste of revenge prevailed in overtime last Monday (20), there was an atmosphere of joy at the performance. In the last four matches for Sao Paulo, Pantera Negra has scored three times.

“I’m enjoying the moment. It’s easy for me to understand the strategy regardless of the field area. I try to do what Rogerio says, I get a chance to get close to the goal, the ball is very. What’s more, I try my best to get the position, “said Patrick after the win.

Patrick arrives in Sao Paulo with expectations. An old wish of the board, the midfielder was placed at the beginning of the season for 500,000 euros (currently R 3.2 million in quotations). Shortly after his arrival, he lost his place due to a physical problem and it took a long time for the lineup to begin.

Due to the high number of medical problems in Sao Paulo, the possibilities began to appear more regularly. When the team played 4-1-3-2, without relying on Patrick’s opponents Gabriel Sarah and Allison, Rogerio Ceni began to use the number 88 shirt more. In both games against Palmyra, he showed that he could. Also run for the vacancy that Eder, Rigoni and Luciano previously disagreed on.

“I didn’t make room in the starting lineup, the squad is very competent. The teacher uses everyone. I don’t have to feel like a starter, I have to help the team when asked and help Sao. Paulo, “he continued.

The theme of Rogério Ceni’s press conference was improving the midfielder’s performance. The coach praised Patrick’s evolution and echoed a statement from the player himself, who said after scoring against George Wilsterman on May 19 that no one said he was fat when he scored.

“Patrick has done very well in the last few games. Today he is more or less working internationally. I think he has done a lot in this role as the second left-arm striker or opener. In terms of strength, he’s not that fast, but he’s a drag player. (…) It’s undeniable that he’s gaining ground, we just have to take care of his fatigue, he’s in every game “He plays almost all the time. He’s thin today, he’s fine.”

Sao Paulo presents itself today (24) with a view to the next commitment, for Brasileirão. On Sunday (26), the team will face Juventude again in Morbi for the 14th round of the competition.

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