Paz Explains Elimination of Crispam Removal from Fortaleza: “Sorry”

President Marcelo Paz Spoken this Tuesday, 21, and confirmed the termination of his dismissal. Lucas Crispin. Shirt 10 has already been restored to the squad and is available for Clasico coach Juan Pablo Vujoda. With a few minutes of speech, the manager did not comment on the situation of Renato Kayzer, who should no longer play for the club.

According to the Trinamool’s correspondent, Lucas Crispum met with the board on Monday 20 and apologized for promoting a birthday party last Friday, when fans protested the team’s landing and forward Robson was attacked.

“He came to talk to us. He openly admitted that he had overstepped his bounds. He should not have had the party. He apologized to the board. He spoke to the players’ squad. Welcomed him and spoke to the board. Coach: “We want him with us.” Here inside Pici, he never had a problem, “explained Marcelo Paz.

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“He had the humility to apologize to the board, the commission and the players. He was away. He came back and will be training with Vojvoda. From now on Vojvoda will decide what to do with the game and what it will be like.” .

The manager made a point of highlighting the history of the player’s good behavior on the club premises. This was a factor that weighed heavily on the player’s recovery.

“Here at the club, he’s always been an ideal athlete, he never gave up training, he never gave up because he was in reserve. He went through a change of coach, a function. The professional player can stay in the club, he passed away, he never showed discipline “, said the president of Sher.

“I’m not a gamer’s nanny.”

Marcelo Paz said there was too much weight in the context to decide to remove the board. Outside the club, “certain off-field conditions” had already become a nuisance.

“You can’t separate context. A statement was made that it was removed because it was at a birthday party. There is a broader context in which the club lived, which player was attacked by the fan. What happened, from our situation at the table. The player who depends on the club should be in a way that is compatible with the club. It’s time to celebrate and you have more time to stay. For all who form clubs. I am not a player, “said the tricolor representative.

Marcelo Paz concluded, “This incident is over, closed. We have nothing to deal with.”

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