Pedro Palo Rangel revealed the seriousness of the disease and its true state of health.

Pedro Paulo Rangel, 73, talks about his chronic illness and confirms his health.

Experienced actor Pedro Paulo RangelGlobo soap opera has been very successful in the past. For decades, he was a sealed face in world drama and was recognized as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Unfortunately, the artist surprised the public by revealing the true state of his health. Pedro Paulo Rangel Was diagnosed with a chronic disease. “I’ve seen the news that I’m sick, I’ve quit working. I wanted to deny it. In fact, I have a chronic illness, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which is caused by smoking. “He revealed in an interview with a journalist. Patricia CougatOf Newspapers and Globes.

Denying the fake news spread on the internet Pedro Paulo Rangel He may have quit acting due to illness, he says it does not stop him from taking the stage, his real passion. “It simply doesn’t stop me from working,” he said.

“I take medicine, it’s my routine. I do physical therapy. I just can’t walk many meters, I can’t walk, it makes it difficult for me to breathe. But on stage I walk perfectly well. Pedro Paulo Rangel.

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Then Pedro Paulo Rangel Explains how he manages to leave home and relocate himself. “On the roads I use a scooter. This is my way of getting out of the house and walking around. I don’t want to walk and stop every hundred meters to breathe,” the veteran actor revealed.

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Actor Pedro Paulo Ranger talks about chronic illness.
Actor Pedro Paulo Ranger talks about chronic illness (revealed)

Then, the artist pointed to the journalist. World. “I’m not a mistake in bed. It was really disturbing when I read this. It’s unpleasant.” she does.

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Details of the disease

About COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Pedro Paulo Rangel Reports symptoms and what happens. “She doesn’t show any symptoms. It’s a treacherous disease. When it does appear, Babu. There’s no cure for it. It’s irreversible and developing. I quit smoking already, but it hurts.” He explained.

“And I’m a staunch ex-smoker. I can’t see anyone smoking in front of me. I say: ‘Don’t do that, look at my condition,'” said the veteran actor. Deal with the cause of the disease.

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