Prosecutors say the Venezuelan healthcare system is overloaded due to an increase in the number of Cowade 19 cases and appeals from the population.

Prosecutor Lucas Cesar Costa Ferreira gave an interview to correspondent Vanopolino when he spoke about the escalation of the Covid 19 case in Vanopolis.

He started the interview by saying that now that we are experiencing another moment of epidemic development, it is certain that this will not be the last.

Lucas Caesar says many of the cases in our municipality mean a heavy burden on the municipal health department.

In other words, the health system is overloaded, as is happening at the state and federal levels.

The prosecutor explained that in April of that year, the federal government had revoked the order, which had created a public catastrophe as a result of the epidemic.

Therefore, the measures of confrontation that used to be elected and come under the purview of law are no longer imposed on the citizens.

However, fighting the epidemic is a matter of local interest, as each municipality has its own reality.

As such, the manager has autonomy in dealing with CoVID-19, and has no obligation to take action to address the population.

For the promoter, this does not prevent the manager from taking any action.

Lucas Cesar Costa Ferreira said he was pursuing cases of Covid 19 in Vanuatu, which are numerous, but are no longer being publicized by municipal public authorities.

They say they only realize this by following the workings of our local health system.

Lucas Caesar appealed to the population that although there are no measures to deal with it, it is up to every citizen to wear protective masks, use alcohol and stay away, as there is a huge burden on the health system.

The promoter said that in Goiania, Aparecida de Goiânia and Anápolis, no beds were available.

This means that a person who is currently suffering from any type of complication due to Covid-19 will have difficulty in getting hospitalized, if they need more in-depth medical care, some more severe, it will be difficult to get it.

He says there are no vacancies and the waiting list is huge.

Lucas Caesar advises people to be very careful, especially for those who have an illness or a serious illness. This is not a good time to get infected with the virus.

Lucas Caesar added: “The good news is that with the weakening of the vaccine and the virus, we are not seeing a large number of hospitalizations or deaths.

However, the promoters point out that this does not mean that maintenance needs to be doubled.

That’s why he appeals to the population, because he knows the pain and the drama, which needs a place in the health unit and can’t be found.

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