Reached 80 goals based on Endrick Palmeiras, various celebrations and promise of Scarpa’s Rubik’s Cube Palm Tree

With Palmyra’s key jewel and a month away from signing his first professional contract, striker Andrs is accumulating numbers in the youth category before being made available to coach Able Ferreira in the central squad.

For the first leg of the Copa du Brazil sub-17 final this Tuesday, with both goals in the 4-1 defeat to Vasco, Andrick reached 80 goals in the official games at the base.Since U-13, in 109 games (83 wins, 17 draws and nine losses).

With so many goals, Endrick is also different in celebration. Despite being his own, the boy pays tribute to the idols: this Tuesday, he mimicked the boxing of Gustavo Gómez, a defender who celebrated his recent goals against Atlético-GO and São Paulo. The next person of honor is also praised: Gustavo Scarpa.

– I’m doing some business, events, so I did it in honor of Gustavo Gomez, in the last game I did it for Richardson. I have a celebration, but it’s good to have an alternative. I want to make a magic cube of Scarpa in the next game, if I can, but the important thing is that Palmyra come out with victory and champion – Andrek said.

After Endrick Palmeiras x Vasco, for Copa do Brasil Sub-17 – Photo: Revealed

Verdão took advantage of the score in the first two plays of the match and quickly led to a victory against Vasco, who also made concessions before the break, but did not firmly block Palmyra’s second run in the second leg: 4-1.

On July 21, when he turns 16, Andrick will sign his first professional contract with Palmyra. The terms have already been clarified, and the club presents the situation carefully so that the player does not accelerate any step.

– Truth be told, I don’t know much because I don’t attend meetings, I don’t like to know about values, I want July to come. If Able calls me I will give 110% in training, if he can include me then play well to win the right of teacher, teammates and fans. My head is calm, I’m thinking here at the base, if Able calls me my head will go to the professional – he sheds light.

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Palmyra 4×1 Vasco’s goal for the first leg of the Copa du Brazil U-17 final

At the age of 15, Andrick was asked to play in the Copa do Brasil Sub-17 to stay competitive in the short-shot tournament. He worked so hard that the forward has now scored six goals in five games in the category.

Excluded from the category, he will have to return to the U-20 squad before he can be used by Able Ferreira’s coaching staff.

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