Read movie reviews with Tom Cruise

Read movie reviews with Tom Cruise

First, the basis Top Gun: Wandering Sounds debatable, or ridiculous: change Tom Cruise The role seems to have changed little for Maurek in those 36 years, while the immediate supporting actors around him mimic the characters and circumstances of the 1986 film. Mail Taylor Appears with a mustache, air shirt and also plays “Great Balls of Fire” on the piano at the bar, as Anthony Edwards. Is now Glenn Powell The dishonest blonde cadet who opposes the hero, as he did. Will Culmer. The beach volleyball scene is simply replaced by American football in the sand.

The fact is that Tom Cruise has become one of the most successful franchises in the last 15 years. Top Gun: Wandering), Is what gives authority to the director. Joseph Kosinski Reboot + continuation Betting on a careless change of formula. Conversely a The force awakens.Which, of course, made the video an omission. That there is everything around it. Disposable is present in the film under the mark.

If this does not happen by chance Top Gun: Wandering Talk to the male audience primarily in the 40’s. Contrary to many people’s claims RequestsDesigned to reintroduce old franchises for today’s youth, most important Understands that its main asset is “do it the old-fashioned way”. The film once again appeals to Cold War-specific maneuvers, reminiscent of the lone American wolf compared to the technocrats in uniform, and is set to meet the flawless population that has made its mark in the new millennium. Has lost faith in the reference.

As a character, Pete “Maurek” Mitchell is a sculptor of individuality, so it appears that the new film chooses to reject cast renewals as a marketing necessity. Changing or lowering Tom Cruise would be tantamount to changing. Leslie Nelson I Run, the police are coming.Because, like Maverick, Lieutenant Frank Dreiben lives apart from the real in an airplane, living under the rules he creates himself. Here, Maverick separates himself, and is written by plot Erin Kroger, Eric Singer And Christopher McCurry It brings out the dramatic potential, which makes Maverick the lone wolf not only at work but also in his love life.

The result is that Top Gun: Wandering is very close to a. Matrix Resurrection As much as can be imagined. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities MatrixTo deconstruct this world, and I. Top Gun: Wandering, To confirm this. Assuming the passage of time and the artificiality behind it Change-de-franchise is what gives these two films their basis. It doesn’t seem coincidental that in the bar party scene, when Miles Taylor plays the piano, Cruz re-enacts old goose scenes in the 1986 film in granular flashbacks, such as Resurrection In the composition of the pictures, separating the 20th century from the 21st century.

As an unchanging observer of the changes taking place around him, Maurek becomes a living repository of things, and Kosinski’s camera is too sensitive to capture Cruz’s face in those moments, almost always in the middle or close. In style, and almost always blessed. Natural Light Rays from California – The original tribute Kosinski pays to the director of the original film here, Tony ScottRemembered In memory During the closing credit. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Apparently, the actor hides as well as the Mona Lisa and, unlike the nine, doesn’t seem to agree. Kiano Reeves, To give weight in times. Maverick sees the world and his only possible peace is confirming that everything belongs to him, like at the end of a beach soccer scene. Neo stopped flying like a superhero, but Maverick and Cruise have never been as supernatural as they are now – not only in the fetish of acting without stunt doubles in extreme situations but also ahead of time. And they are supernatural in their desire to create mysteries.

The key moment in the process will be the reunion between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, an actor whose weak battle with throat cancer was documented in the film. Value2021. The central point in the defense scene is that this most important Maurek’s journey of great narcissism because, in the face of Klmer’s frail personality, his former adversary, Cruz’s youth (three years younger, six inches shorter), in fact, seemed to move with an unwavering sense of purpose, purpose or destiny. Is. It’s not without hints that Kosinski is at odds with Tom Cruise – who then carries with him masculine privileges aimed at remaking the film – with a gallery of actors placed in a subordinate position. Sometimes a victim of time, like Kalmar, sometimes a hostage. About this situation, like half a dozen 30-year-old actors with forgetful names whose job it is to repeat the words of other actors almost 40 years ago.

At the time, Will Klimmer and Tom Cruise were starring. most important One of the most famous homeopathic clashes in American cinema. Repeat that Top Gun: Wandering Another ultimate homeopathic tension would be beyond comprehension, as the proposition suggests, giving concessions to the performer and the theater to highlight its ridiculous nature. This is also because in the logic of narcissism, the thing that defines desire is not the other but the image of oneself. Surrounded by standard young men and flawless gentlemen, Tom Cruise left with the pleasure of his own company, the last man in the world. most important.

Top Gun: Wandering

Top Gun: Wandering

Top Gun: Wandering

Top Gun: Wandering

Year: 2022

Parents: United States

Duration: 131 minutes

direction: Joseph Kosinski

Road map: Erin Kruger, Christopher McCurry

Cast: Tom Cruise, Jennifer Conley, Mel Taylor, John Ham

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