Researchers point out the way to estimate the severity of Covid 19.

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Researchers at the Instituto de Química de São Carlos (IQSC) at the University of Sؤo Paulo have identified a method based on the analysis of blood plasma with the ability to estimate the severity of Covid 19 infection in patients.

The system can act as a screening tool in the care of infected people and can be used to prevent disease progression. The study was published in the scientific journal Journal of Proteomics.

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According to research, the concentration of six substances found in the blood of patients with this disease is called metabolites, which are glycerol, acetate, 3-aminosubutyrate, format, glucuronate and lactate.

The analysis revealed that the greater the imbalance in the amount of these substances at the onset of infection, the more serious the patient’s health conditions would be.


In 2020, blood plasma samples were analyzed from 110 patients with flu symptoms passing through the hospital of the Federal University of Sao Paulo (Unifesp), of whom 57 were not infected with Covid 19 and the other 53 recent positive of the disease. There were cases. Disease

The researchers observed that ten of the affected patients had complications and were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), in which two deaths were recorded.

In more severe cases, this group presents more pronounced changes in the concentration of these metabolites at the onset of Covid-19 infection.

The results of the study, as indicated by the IQSC, could contribute to the development of a new clinical protocol that will help physicians and hospitals in the first days of symptoms, to identify patients who have severe disease. Can form, allowing them to intervene to prevent disease evolution.

Also, according to the IQSC, in order to validate the technique, researchers intend to increase the number of blood plasma samples in the next stages of the study and to include new groups, such as those who have been vaccinated with the Code-19 vaccine. Intend to In addition, they intend to include gender and age information in the statistics.

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