Roster American Football launches 2022 season uniforms.

Last Tuesday night (21/6), Galo FA promoted the release of uniforms for the 2022 season. The event, held at a restaurant in the Pampola region of Belo Horizonte, was attended by Atletico Squad. Guest, press, musical attractions and other attractions.

Vilaça / Galo FA

Photo: Launch!

In the styles created with the kickball, the team’s sponsors and sports equipment suppliers, the team’s official uniforms were presented for competitions that were comfortable and off the gym lines.

Gallo FA Vice President Eddie Aragau praised the new uniforms of the white American football team. “It was a party night, a party night, where we presented our uniforms, our combat uniforms, a beautiful uniform to the crowd,” he announced.

The event commemorated the history of the Elevenigra team, the challenges of the 2022 season, such as the BFA League and the Minas Gerais Football Championship, as well as the titles already won by Galo FA. Last week (18/6), the team debuted in the state wild card with a spectacular 58-0 victory over Tigers Football Americano. In the semi-finals of the competition, the team will face Juiz de Fora Emperors.

Center Victor Quantas from Galo FA praised the design choices for the new kit and also highlighted expectations for the next games.

The 2022 Uniform Launch event was a success, with Gallo having companies supporting American football, players and fans alike. The next game is expected to be the four-time BFA League Brazilian champion.

During the ceremony, the sponsors and dignitaries of the organization were also honored. “This event is just because you are the sponsor, the supporter, our family and especially the club Atletico Menero. We will do everything we can to win, no doubt about it. We do not enter the championship to compete, we enter it. Winning. Club Atlético Mineiro is passion, love and passion and that is what drives our project, “commented Wesley Oliveira, president of Gallo Football Americino.

Following the launch, fans will be able to purchase for the 2022 season on Galo Futebol Americano’s official website, Galo FA app, Kickball’s official website, Galo’s official stores and official website.


This season, Galo FA will play in Campeonato Brasilروro, promoted by Campeonato Menero, Liga Menera DFA, Taka Brazil DFA, Liga BFA and the Brazilian Confederation of American Football (CBFA).

In the BFA League, Galo FA is in the Southeast Conference with five other teams, as the United States withdrew from the controversy over the Big Riders, Rio de Janeiro. Team Minas Gerais will face the club’s debut.

The Brazilian Championship (CBFA) is set to begin in late July. Galo FA will face the Corinthians and Treaties teams at home and away from home, with the Cruzeiro and Flamingo teams.

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