Santos goes to market after 4-0, but with a replacement for Bistos

Santos already knew the need for reinforcements, but pressure from Corinthians’ 4-0 defeat in the Copa du Brazil’s Round of 16 forced the club to step up negotiations in the coming days. The International Migration window will reopen on July 18.

Peixe hired nine reinforcements in 2022: at the beginning of four years – Eduardo Bauremann, Auro, Bruno Oliveira and Ricardo Goulart – and after five Campeonato Paulista – Maicon, Willian Maranhão, Rodrigo Fernández, Jhojan Julio and Bryan Angulo. Preferences are now right back, midfielder and speed forward.

Of the five signatures announced following Fabián Bustos’ arrival, two were direct appointments by coaches: Jhojan Julio and Bryan Angulo. After making a career in Ecuadorian football, Argentina tried to trust the pair. And both are far from pleasing Santos fans.

Maicon was suggested by the football department, while Willian Maranhão and Rodrigo Fernández arrived through a market analysis. All had the approval of the Bostos and Performance Operations Department, but the coach only requested Julio and Angolo. McCann and Fernandez are starting starters, while Marnhau is also struggling to find a place on the bench.

Faced with the latest wave of reinforcements, with only Maicon and Fernández signing up so far, Santos is even more cautious in the market. With less money and a smaller margin of error, the idea is to make a technical decision. Bustos may suggest a name, but it will need to be investigated by the club’s intelligence department. Finding prospective players by analysts will be a priority.

The Santos have won just one of their last nine games and see Fabian Bostos swinging in charge. President Andres Roida and football executive Eduardo Dresina have agreed to give the coach more time, but patience ran out after the Corinthians 4-0. Peixe will definitely return to the field to face his opponent, but this time at the Neo Química Arena for the Brazilian Championship, (25).

Without tremendous financial resources, recent mistakes and the uncertain consistency of the coaching staff, Santos will spend on what it has, which is well-reviewed in all areas, not just Bostos. There is currently no advance trading.

Barcelona Duo (EQU)

In addition to Jhojan Julio and Bryan Angulo, Bustos suggested two reinforcements on his arrival: right-back Byron Castello and forward Emanuel Martینnez. Both worked as coaches at Barcelona de Guayaquil.

Santos tried to sign both in March, without success. Most recently, an offer was made to Byron, but a FIFA lawsuit for high price and alleged tampering with nationality was withdrawn by Pax. The winger was announced by Leon from Mexico.

Martínez is still on the agenda. Argentine forward Fabian Bustos is alluded to, but he is also well-received in the field of performance analysis. The amount involved is high and Santos will only move forward if Barcelona accept payment in loans or installments.

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Coach Fabián Bustos manages Jose Chamaro from Image Sport. Agents include Johann Julio and Brian Angolo, Santos ‘signing for 2022, and Byron Castello, one of the coaches’ requests.

That fact must be taken into account. ” Chamorro dominates the Ecuadorian market, where Bustos worked for 12 years. Peixe believes it is normal for a coach to identify one or the other player of his manager, as he has the best player in the country.


Santos goes to the market for help, but he has to sell at least one big window. Andres Rueda and Edu Dracena do not hide the need to make money to keep their accounts up to date.

The priority is to make a profit from players without full title holders, as is the case with Kiki, Philip Jonathan and Lucas Braga. However, the main choices are for Meninos da Vila: Angelo and Marcos Leonardo.

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