Sao Paulo breaks Palmyra’s unbeaten record in Cine’s redemption – 06/23/2022

Sao Paulo took the lead in the first round of the Round of 16 and beat Palmyra 1-0 in Mormbi this Thursday (23). The result broke Palmeiras’ unbeaten run of 19 games this season and was replaced by Sao Paulo, resulting in Brasileirão last Monday (20), when the Tricolor won 1 x 0 in the 45th minute. Was For the first time

In the last classic, coach Rogerio Ceni was heavily criticized by the fans as the team dropped performance in the second half due to poor substitutions and took turns in extra time. However, this Thursday the coach turned around and won a great victory and brought the same team to the field that started the match on Monday.

As in the last game, Sao Paulo began to put pressure on Palmyra, overpowered his opponent, took the lead (coincidentally with Patrick again) and was much better in the first half. According to SofaScore statistics, Tricolor scored 7 goals in the last minute against just one of the Palmeiras in a header from Gustavo Gómez.

The steering wheel Gabriel Neves, again, was one of the highlights of Sao Paulo when he stopped Gustav Scarpa, a key player in the creation of Palmyra. Overall, Sao Paulo’s position in the second round was very different. And Sini led the team only at the end of the game, in the 38th minute, when Arboleda was injured and was replaced by Miranda, and Pablo Maya came on the field for the tired Patrick. At age 41, Ronaldo was replaced by Wellington, who was also tired.

One of the teams to lose the most points in the second half, this time Sao Paulo managed to play well in the second half without any pressure – Jandri did not save. Overall, there were 13 shots from Sao Paulo (4 right), only 5 from Palmyra (no one towards the goal). In Palmeiras’ most dangerous move, Gustavo Gómez hit a crossbar in an unprecedented cross. Scarpa also knocked him out dangerously in stoppage time.

In front of nearly 40,000 spectators, Sao Paulo won a landslide victory, which is good news for Brazilian football against a team that looked unbeaten. The tricolor is alive in Copa du Brazil and can dream of a revival in Brazil.

This victory gave Sao Paulo the lead again in the history of Choque-Rei. Palmyra now has 114 wins compared to 113.

History of the classic Sao Paulo X Palmyras:
337 games
114 Sao Paulo won.
110 scared.
113 Palmyra won.
438 goals for Sao Paulo
442 goals for Palmyra

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