Sao Paulo defeated Palmyra and took the lead in the Copa du Brazil-Sports.

A. Sao Paulo Received Palm trees Thursday night (23), in a match suitable for the Copa du Brazil Round of 16. With Patrick’s goal, the hosts beat Alvarez by 0 to 1. At the same time, Tricolor Palista benefited from the return game, which is scheduled for July 14 in Allianz Park.

Now, both teams are back to worrying about the Brazilian Championship. The Tricolor Plasta will also compete against Juventus next Sunday (26) at 18:00 (Brazil time) at Mormbi Stadium. Palmyra will visit Iowa on Sunday (26) at 4 pm (Brasilia time).

the game

Not digested yet 2-1 defeat to Palmyra Last Monday (20th) for Brasileirão, Sao Paulo took the field against the opponent. Without allowing Palmeiras to create, the Trinamool practically suffocated his opponent for the entire first half.

The pressure was on, as the homeowners had to make two good saves to prevent Wurton from swinging the tricolor in the first chances.

Still, Archer couldn’t defend when Patrick, 30, pressed, stole the ball over the edge of the area and kicked to open the scoring. In a situation very similar to the first half of last Monday’s classic.

Even after the goal, Sao Paulo continued to put pressure and create opportunities. Palmyra increased the ranks and began to reach the Sao Paulo area, but without much demand from Jandri. In all, the tricolor presented six times, just one against Palmyra.

In the second half, Sao Paulo continued the pressure as in the first half, but Palmeiras had more chances. At 5 ‘, Gustavo Gómez came inside the area and tried to cross, but the ball went at another speed and hit Jandry’s post and the game was almost equal.

Palmeiras kept going up and began to occupy most of the attacking field. At 11, another chance, but this time with Gustavo Scarpa. Despite this, the defense forces managed to escape.

Despite pressure from Palmyra, Sao Paulo maintained the result and maintained the score until the end of the game. In addition, the tricolor will benefit from a return game at Allianz Park on July 14.

Data sheet

Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Palmyra
Location: Mormbi Stadium, in Sao Paulo-SP
Date and time: Thursday (23), 20:00 (Brasilia time)
Referee: Rafael Claus
Assistants: Danilo Ricardo Simon Mans and Rodrigo Figueroa Henrique Correa
VAR: Wagner Review

Round: Patrick at 30 ‘/ 1T (Sao Paulo)
Yellow Cards: Morello, Gustavo Gomez, Marcos Rocha (Palmeiras); Reynolds, Gabriel (Sao Paulo)

Sao Paulo: Jendri Diego, Arboleda (Miranda) and Leo; Igor Vinícius, Gabriel (André Anderson), Igor Gomes, Rodrigo Nestor, Patrick (Pablo Maia) and Reinaldo (Welignton); Cagliari Coach: Rogerio Sini.

Palm trees: Vverton Marcos Rocha (Mayke), Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez Danilo (Rafael Navarro), Zee Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu (Wesley), Rooney (Brino Lopez) and Gabriel Veron (Gabriel Menino). Coach: Joao Martins.

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