Sao Paulo overcomes shock, defeats Palmyra in Round of 16 of Copa du Brazil

The reunion between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras has raised doubts about how Rogerio Seine’s team will behave after taking a turn in stoppage time in last Monday’s match (20). With the support of more than 38,000 spectators, the tricolor repeated its initial dominance, now in the first round of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16, but this time it did not give the opponent a chance to find the result. The 1-0 victory was scored by Patrick’s goal in the first half.

As a result, the victory revived Sao Paulo’s morale. The 2-1 defeat, with two goals conceded in stoppage time, left Morambi feeling depressed for the Brazilian at the start of the week. Saini also considered choosing an alternative team in the knockout tournament, so that the National would be preferred, but he gave up and sent to the field, the same formation today.

The result puts Sao Paulo ahead in the second game, which will take place on July 14 at Allianz Park. A draw for the tricolor will be enough to reach the quarter-finals of the Copa du Brazil.

For Palmyra, in addition to the loss in the clash, defeat means the end of an unbeaten run of 19 games this season.

It went well: Gabriel Nevis

The Uruguayan midfielder is winning his place in Sao Paulo’s starting line-up. As was already the case in the game on Monday, the intensity of his marking was fundamental to the tricolor’s control of the game. With the ball on his feet, Nevis still managed to counter-attack with speed.

Game history

Sao Paulo was much better, attacking and defending, when Patrick put the tricolor in front in the 30th minute of the first half. Nestor competed with Gustavo Gómez in the left corner of the green zone. The split ball was left to Patrick, who attacked the area and finished with his left hand, leaving Wurton without action: 1 to 0.

Live from Sao Paulo

Live from Palmyra

Too bad: Dudu didn’t catch the ball.

Shirt 7, once again, was obliterated by the Sao Paulo mark. Joao Martins even turned around like Veyron, to get his main attacker into the match. Failed

Sini repeated Able’s tactic and complicated Palmyra’s departure.

With a lineup similar to Monday’s match, Rogério Ceni tried to innovate marking positioning. And the new position affected the first half played today. Sao Paulo adopted a strategy of not marking defender Morello on the ball out. Thus, getting out of the ball must pass through the foot of the shirt 26, as other options were blocked by the Sao Paulo Defense.

This tactic is exactly the same as that adopted by Able Ferreira. In a duel between the two teams at Libertadores last year, the Portuguese coach dropped the ball with Arboleda and blocked the pass option. The Ecuadorian defender, who was not accustomed to the character, was forced to try shots or a forced pass, which made it easier for Palmeiras to fix the ball.

In an attempt to get rid of the trap set by Sini, midfielder Zee Raphael began looking for the ball in defense. With a quality that surpassed Morello’s, the shirt emerged as a great hope for the 8th Alvarede, as Danilo was always marked by Rodrigo Nestor.

Even so, Palmeiras were able to upset Sao Paulo in the first half. The team won for the first time in the 30th minute on a goal by Jandri.

The Packers lost in the first round.

The weakest part of Palmyra’s defense, the left, saw the Packers make a lot of mistakes in the first half. Without marking Morello, Sao Paulo doubled the mark on the right, which fell victim to the rise of Igor Vinícius. Sao Paulo Shirt 2 passed the opponent at will and forced many mistakes from the pass.

Palmyra grows, and the atmosphere becomes more nervous.

Palmyra once again turned the game into an attack against defense. There were 15 minutes in which Sao Paulo did not breathe, and Gomez, Danilo, Rooney and Veyron had good chances. Sao Paulo was surrounded, until a drawn ball reached the base line, which was dominated by Cagliari. Gomez arrived at the match and the atmosphere warmed up.

Ronaldo came running to express his satisfaction, while Wurton and Nestor exchanged shirt shaves and tugs. But it stayed there. Gomez went with one card and Ronaldo with another.

After confusion, the match ended in a draw. Despite having less control over the game than Palmyra, Sao Paulo maintained its offensive power. Gabriel Neves, in another good game, was responsible for the tackles and passes that combined Sao Paulo’s counter-attacks.

Arboleda leaves the field after the turn.

Arboleda, who was playing a great match, left the field crying 35 minutes into the second half. Ecuador shared with Navarro from above. In the fall, he grabbed his left leg by the ground and still landed on it with a lever with his right.

Sao Paulo game: Control was key.

Sao Paulo saw the start of the match on Monday with the same control. The big difference this time was the team’s currency when Palmyra began to dominate the game. After some pressure at the start of the second half, Sao Paulo managed to keep the ball on the ground and pull back the counter-attacks by Rodrigo Nestor and Gabriel Nevis.

Palmyra Game: No statement.

Palmyra was surrounded in the first phase. Sao Paulo insisted on getting out and stopped the construction of Palmeiras, which could not move the team forward, with repeated mistakes by Peckeres and Morello. Danilo, very marked, could not go further, and Palmyra could not describe.

In the finishing phase, Palmeiras grew. Now it was the turn of the Able Ferreira / Joao Martins team to leave Sao Paulo without backing down from their goal. These 15 minutes were very stressful but the team scoring the green goal could not reach the goal.

Danilo was insulted again.

As in Monday’s game, Danilo left the field cursing Sao Paulo fans. Following the Sao Paulo title, Palmeiras midfielder used homosexual terms in an attempt to provoke his opponent.

Data sheet:

Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Palm Trees
Competition: Copa du Brazil – first round of the Round of 16
Date and time: June 23, 2022 at 20:00 (Brazil time)
the location: Morambi Stadium, in Sao Paulo (SP)
Referee: Rafael Claus (FIFA / SP)
Assistant: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (Fifa / SP) and Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Correa (Fifa / RJ)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
The people: 38,201 people
Earnings: BRL 2,005,965.00
Yellow cards: Murilo, Marcos Rocha and Gustavo Gómez (PAL); Gabriel Neves and Ronaldo (SAO)

Sao Paulo: Jendre Diego Costa, Arboleda (Miranda), Leo; Igor Vinícius, Igor Gomes, Gabriel Neves (André Anderson), Rodrigo Nestor and Reinaldo (Wellington) Patrick (Pablo Maya) and Cagliari. Technician: Rogerio Sini.

Palm trees: Vverton Marcos Rocha (Mayke), Gustavo Gómez, Murilo and Piquerez Danilo (boy), Zee Raphael and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu (Wesley), Rooney (Brino Lopez) and Gabriel Veron (Narrow). Technician: Joao Martins

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