Sao Paulo showed that it could go further by defeating Palmyra.

The same opposition, order and conspiracy. This Thursday (23) classic between Sao Paulo and Palmyra in the first round of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16 had a very similar start to last Monday’s Choque-Rei (20). However, Morambi saw a more organized and warlike tricolor, which allowed different results. If a 2-1 defeat with a last-minute comeback at the start of the week shook Sao Paulo’s confidence, tonight’s 1-0 victory gave them hope again.

On Live from Sao PauloPrograms UOL Sport Immediately after the Tricolor Games, journalists Marcelo Hazan, Menon and Gabriel Perezini talked about the impact that this classic victory should have on the Sao Paulo squad. He also compared the two matches between traditional rivals and the differences between them.

“Today’s game [ontem] It could be a leap for Sao Paulo, who have played a lot of tough games against Palmyra. This is the team that makes it more difficult for them, except for 4-0 [no segundo jogo da final do Paulistão]. He indicated that Sao Paulo could go further. You need to have that attitude against Juventus on Sunday and score under pressure, not let the opponent play in Mormbay, “Menon noted.

This is how Parisi saw the Tricolor Act in a match between two classics played this week. “Anyone who can see the big difference between Monday’s game and today’s game is crazy. Almost all the points are the same. Sao Paulo moved the lines a little further. It’s a team that puts a lot of pressure in the first half. “Yes, he had a chance to score the second goal. He scored and suffered very few losses. The difference is that today he gave Palmyras fewer chances.”

Menon agreed with Parisi and confirmed that Verdo surrounded the tricolor in the second game, which was not seen on Thursday. “In the second half of the first game, Sao Paulo was pushed back, because Palmyras played very well. He dominated the game and Sao Paulo was cornered a lot, the whole game. Sunday’s victory will have a huge impact. ” Citing Sao Paulo’s next match for UOL columnist, Brasileirão.

Parisi highlighted the quality of the high tricolor mark, which gave the team a chance to suffocate Palmyra in the early stages. “Sao Paulo made fewer technical mistakes and took fewer chances. They put pressure there, but it fell a bit in the second half. They kept their players’ line a little in front of the area. Palmyra grew naturally “He had possession. Ball and aerial play, but he couldn’t score,” he estimated.

The journalist also drew attention to the psychological aspect of the players, who were not disappointed with the defeat of Brasileirão. “Sao Paulo is a very dedicated and competitive team. There has never been a lack of shame on the face. Three days later, we can see the tremendous mental strength of this team so that they can take advantage of what happened on Monday.” Concluded.

Don’t give up! The next edition of Live from Sao Paulo It will be on Sunday (26), immediately after the match against Juventus for Brasileiro. You can follow the program through the UOL channel in the app. UOL scoreOn the São Paulo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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