Sao Paulo will decide the season’s preference against Palmyra.

The weight of the classic in the Copa du Brazil’s Round of 16 makes Sao Paulo planning a priority for the rest of the season. In a tight schedule, Rogério Ceni’s team should have changes against Palmeiras, with reference to the team that lost to the rival, on Monday (20) via Brasileirão. Tonight’s shock again in King Mormbe at 8pm (Brasilia time).

And Why this question? The question is how much change Sini will bring. In the press conference after the 2-1 defeat, the coach transferred the responsibility to the board. He has more than once publicly stated that his priority is the Brazilian Championship.

“The whole group was here today. [segunda-feira]. No one has been left out of the line players and no one is coming back. They want to put all this in danger on Thursday. [na Copa do Brasil]? Let’s take a chance. Can we lose someone by injury? We can But then we will get tired of Juventus. [pelo Brasileirão]. We have to choose. Go in whatever direction you can, “said Sini.

The Sao Paulo board maintains that it does not interfere with Rogério Ceni’s lineup. Nevertheless, the early elimination of the Copa du Brazil will have a direct impact on Julio Casars’ management plan for 2022.

In the budget approved by the Consultative Council, the Board set a goal to reach the quarter finals of the Copa du Brazil. The initial decline in competition would represent a انعام 3.9 million lower reward for Sao Paulo’s treasury, which is facing a serious financial crisis, with debt reaching R 650 million.

Recent setbacks in Brasileirão also pushed Sao Paulo away from their goal in the tournament. The club’s budget provides a direct rating for Libertadores, which means they will be in the top six. Currently, the Morambi team is in ninth place with 18 points, which is equal to Fluminense, in sixth place.

Even if he decides to save against Palmeiras on Sunday (26) thinking of a game against Juventus, Rogério Ceni will have to deal with the same options he had on Monday. Sao Paulo continues with nine absences, in eight medical departments – side Joao Moreira serving the Portuguese U-18 team.

“If we have to put everything back together, we’ll put it all together, because it’s a classic, a big game. We’re already pushing the game against Juventus. We’ll see tomorrow[Tuesday”Re-offer”Seninecontinued[terça-feiradiadareapresentação”prosseguiuCeni[منگلکےدن۔دوبارہپیشکش”،سینینےجاریرکھا۔[terça-feiradiadareapresentação”prosseguiuCeni

One possible match for Sao Paulo is: Jendri Diego Costa, Arboleda, Leo; Rafinha, Igor Gomes, Gabriel Neves, Rodrigo Nestor, Welington; Luciano (Patrick) and Cagliari.

Sao Paulo and Palmeiras face off today (23) at 20:00 (Brazil time) for the first game of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16. The return is scheduled for July 14 in Allianz Park.

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