See Brazil’s results in the Saquarema phase

Three-time world champion surfer Gabriel Medina did not perform well in the sixth hat of the first round and went on a repechage in the Sakorima stage of the World Surfing Circuit. With just 6.4 points, he was third behind Australia’s Connor O’Leary (10.56) and Ethan Ewing (7.47).

In the scorching heat, the sea was calm and the combined scores of the two best waves reached only double digits in the final stretch. The highest rating was held by Connor Olivier, who recorded 5.73 in his third attempt. Brazil’s highest score came in its second wave and was only 4.4.

However, Medina was ahead with 13 minutes left in the clock. The Brazilian outscored Olivier in the collection of notes when he registered 7.5 points. It was followed by three-time world champion Ewing, who scored 7.47.

With three minutes left, Olivier increased his score and Medina needed 6.16 to take the lead in the heat. Brazil, however, failed to score and finished third. He got the most waves, ten in total, four from O’LEary and six from Ewing.

Medina, struggling for her first victory in Brazilian seas, will play a repechage tomorrow (24th) to see if she can reach the Round of 16. The surfer from Mauritius, who has already won nearly 20 First Ashlon events in world surfing, has never been a champion in Brazil.

Between 2012 and 2016, the Brazilian stage of the circuit took place in Rio de Janeiro, where Medina’s best result in 2013 and 2016 was in third place. In Sakuraima, where the event has been taking place since 2017, he has never been able to go beyond that. Quarter finals ..

The Filipino has a good score with aerialism and also leads in Saquarema.

Three-time Brazilian stage champion Phelps Toledo entered the sea in the fourth hat of the first round against American Net Young and Miguel Todella of Peru to show why he is the Brazilian who has won the most in Rio de Janeiro. Of .

On its first wave, in the first few minutes of summer, the Filipino managed to spin without putting his hand on the edge of the board. He impressed the judges and immediately scored 8.17.

Brazil’s second wave with the highest score was 5.60 – and the amount that forced him to win the hat was 13.77.

Nat Young and Miguel Tudela also had interesting performances, but not enough to remove Filipe.

The Americans got 11.00 with two excellent grades and Peru got 9.23.

Italo Ferreira confirmed his preference and advance in the Round of 16 at Saquarema

Italo Ferreira confirmed his preference and defeated Matthew McGillivray of South Africa and compatriot João Chianca in the first round at Saquarema.

In Tokyo, the Olympic champion showed all his skills and scored 7.50. Earlier, he had already got 510 and had turned off the battery with a sum of 12.60. Italo secured itself in the round of 16 of the competition.

Matthew McGallery finished second with 9.00 (4.83 in the first wave and 4.17 in the second). João Chianca was not found throughout the summer and only found 6.30 (3.30 and 3.00).

Atalo is currently ranked fourth in the world. The top five qualify for the WSL Finals, which decide the world title in September in California. After the summer, Potiguar talked about how to compete with the Brazilian people.

“It’s great, no doubt about it. I like to compete with the fans. It’s incredible to live in Brazil, because I have the support of the Brazilians and I have an incredible team here. WSL.

Tati defeated the reigning world champion and reached the quarterfinals in Saquarema.

Tatiana Weston-Webb was the first Brazilian to enter the water on the first day of the Saquarema stage, defeating five-time world champion Carissa Moore from Hawaii and civil Aguirre from Peru invited to the event.

At the beginning of the summer, Tati caught a very good wave and achieved 6.67 with his moves. With about 16 minutes left, he got another good wave and his second grade was 4.10 – a total of 10.77.

Sol Aguirre surprised and finished second in the heat. It added up to 9.90 with two notes. Carissa Moore, on the other hand, could not find herself in the Brazilian sea. In two waves, she managed only 1.50.

Sol and Carissa go to the repechage and face each other to survive the competition – the loser is eliminated. Tati is the only Brazilian in the world’s current runner-up and women’s bracket in the Oi Rio Pro.

The 26-year-old Brazilian’s 2022 season was random and he reached the ninth position in the rankings.

Other Brazilians

In addition, seven more Brazilians entered the sea at Sakorima. Michael Rodriguez, 27, advanced to the next round with a combined 12.33 of his two best scores. He was ahead of Americans Griffin Colpinto with a total of 12.27, and Jack Marshall with 7.24.

Mattis Hardy and Samuel Popo were behind Jack Robinson (13.67 points) in the third heat. The Brazilians registered 8.50 and 7.50 respectively.

Yago Dora, meanwhile, recorded 13.90 and won the fifth hat of the first round. The 26-year-old surfer competed in the Tokyo Olympics against Medina’s “skin”, Japan’s Kanwa Igarashi, and North America’s Kolohe Andino, with a total of 9.83.

Finally, the Brazilian trio competed in the eighth and final hat of the first round. Miguel Popo won with a score of 13.83. Second was Caio Ibelli with 8.90. The adson ended with André 7.50.

The next call for the Saquarema stage of the World Tour is tomorrow (24) at 7 am (GMT).

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