Seleça, Selelama, Craque and Armageddon of the 13th round of Brasileirão

By the 45th minute of the second half, Sao Paulo thought they would win the Choque-Rei and enter the title fight, reducing the Palmeiras’ lead to four points. The dream of the tricolor became a nightmare and, with a fair return of 2-1, Rogério Ceni’s team (which once again messed with the team very badly) woke up ten points away from Verdão, and this As the spirits soared, a new confrontation between the two erupted on Thursday (23), this time for the Copa du Brazil.

As the victory of Leader Palmeiras is nothing new, the Inter 2 x 3 Botafogo was a fantastic game of the 13th round of the endless Brazilian Pontoz Corridoz Championship, for the epic-conquering Elevenigra, for the pitiful Colorado popcorn and the whistle. For the trash can. (VAR, who is actually the boss, and the red referee) manages to be negatively prominent in a round in which bizarre refereeing in most games stole the show.

Do you remember that there were (many) people who said – ignoring some facts and still supporting this nonsense – that with VAR, mistakes will be reduced and No no no Long live the memory! It does not raise in guilt!

On Live from Danilo and WattawI UOL SportWith former referee Marcio Chagas as a guest, we analyzed some of the ridiculous mistakes of the round. It will take a series of 18 seasons to show all the whistleblowers.

Speaking of crime, Doriwal Jr. is responsible for another Flamingo defeat. Obviously, incompetent boards and settled and experienced players have more responsibility, but nothing justifies the option for Whitenho, an option that goes directly to the new coach. As a start, will it be lost to Gallo again, this time for the Copa du Brazil, or will the mob start screaming for Jorge Jesus?

Select.: Gatito Fernández (Botafogo) Mariano (Atlético-MG), Carli (Botafogo), Murilo (Palmeiras) and Fábio Santos (Corinthians); Kayque (Botafogo), Nacho (Atlético-MG) and Gustavo Scarpa (Palmeiras) Ademir (Atlético-MG), Erison (Botafogo) and Keno (Atlético-MG). Coach: Felipão (Athletico-PR).

SELELAMA: Rafael William (Cortiba); Rafinha (Sao Paulo), Vitão (Inter), Miranda (Sao Paulo) and William Mathis (young); Jadson (young), Everton Ribeiro (Flamingo) and Tyson (Inter); David (Inter), Gabigol (Flamingo) and Whitinho (Flamingo). Coach: Mano Menezes (Inter).

Round crack: Botafogo!

Botafogo was the collective star of the 13th round.

Photo: Vítor Silva / Botafogo

Botafogo, the big winner of the round, had many individual highlights when it came to overcoming rivals, home crowd, referees and VARs, but awarding just one would be unfair to Rado and the fighters collectively and so Butafogo, as a team, was the star of the round!

Round Amragedon: Wilson Louise Cinema

Cinema - Alex Ramos / CBF - Alex Ramos / CBF

Wilson Cinema has a bad start as chairman of the CBF Arbitration Commission: Gaciba standard of error!

Photo: Alex Ramos / CBF

In one round, with lots of ridiculous referencing errors, the red blowers and the damn VAR trash, the negative high light goes to the head of incompetence. What happened in the 13th round was so weird that it seemed like a tribute to his predecessor Leonardo Gasiba from the Wilson-Louis Cinnamon (who did a terrible job at Conmebol).

I am Vitor Guedes and I have a name to keep. And care, of course, comes from ZL! We are in it UOL!


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