Self-tests of COVID-19 can hide the true state of health.

Code Self Test can be purchased from pharmacies across the country. (Photo: AFP)

While accessing the COVID-19 panel of Juiz de Fora City Hall in Zona da Mata Mineira, one is informed that 883 cases of the new Corona virus have been reported during the 22nd Epidemic Week (between 05/31 and 06/05). Was confirmed. . Of these, only 21 confirmations were due to RT-PCR tests in the public health network. PJF also offers antigen testing (blood collection) in primary health units. According to the health department, however, these figures do not enter the positive rate of the disease.

In addition to the tests provided by the public network, some people look for tests offered in laboratories and private pharmacies. In addition, in addition to antigen and RT-PCR, CoVID-19 self-test sales.

In February 2022, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved the use of the first COVID-19 self-test in Brazil. Following approval, other tests were released and sold in pharmacies across Brazil.

In the self-test, the person can self-analyze if they are infected with COVID-19. Just insert the package and adjust the test so that the result is as close to reality as possible.

However, excessive use of self-tests can affect the analysis of the actual health situation. This is because many people can test positive for the disease and cannot see a doctor.

“Self-testing can be beneficial from the point of view of the ease of the user who can submit his own test, but regardless of the result, it cannot be considered as a definition of diagnosis. The awareness is that the user, regardless of the result. , Find a Health Unit for Diagnosis and Information “, explains Louise Cndido Souza, City Hall’s Epidemiology and Environmental Surveillance Manager at Juiz de Fora City Hall.

Infectologist Marcos Mora follows the same line. For physicians, self-tests are beneficial, but they need to be used well for the population. “The goal is for the person to question themselves and make the diagnosis more private. It will never replace traditional tests. Even some health units use self-tests for other diseases.” For example, “explained Mora.

Self-test for specific groups

Marcos Mora, an infectious disease specialist, explained that self-tests are recommended for people with many diseases and mobility problems. That way, you don’t have to expose a patient with code-19 symptoms to other people.

“In some cases, for people with comorbidities, the test itself will be very useful. It works very gently. Family members take the test home themselves, test the patient, without having to take him to the health unit. The doctor explained.

After self-testing, if the result is positive, or negative and symptoms persist, it is important to see a doctor.

“Anyone who buys can test themselves and talk to a doctor directly, or get emergency care based on the results,” Mora edited.

According to Louise Cndido Souza, this doctor’s search is crucial for understanding the health situation in a region, such as the city of Juiz de Fora. This is because doctors, even private networks as well as laboratories, have to report positive results to the public.

“When it comes to understanding the real scenario, the use of private networks has no effect, as all health services, whether public and / or private, are suspicious of code-19 epidemic surveillance and / or. Or confirmed cases are reported by the government. “Information Systems,” concluded the PJF’s epidemiological and environmental monitoring division.

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