Seni emphasized the importance of the penalty shootout in Sao Paulo, saying it was “the best for the club in difficult times” Sao Paulo

– The biggest lesson I had was to believe in myself, second-class players are just like today. In 194 minutes we were ahead, in just one minute Palmeiras was ahead. Believe and believe in work – he said.

– We keep the players safe who played on Monday and I want to emphasize their dedication, their ability to deliver. Same game Maybe I don’t have to believe what people write or say anymore. It believes in punishment – he added.

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The coach also questioned the treatment, especially since Monday, when Palmeris beat Sao Paulo on the return, with two goals in stoppage time for Brasileiro.

– Sometimes people like to attack the coach because he represents too much of the organization. I guarantee that the boy can best represent the organization in this difficult time. But I understand. You hit me hard, but I was hit that way. I choose The club may choose to take me out. But working with work at the club and who do I know? Sorry, you won’t find anyone who knows so much and works so hard, “he said.

Rogerio Cenny celebrates the fact that he “believes in his own faith” – Photo: Marcos Reboli

The coach also told a backstage story about the last few days at Beira Funda’s CT. Seni commented that the board fully supported Thursday’s selection of the team, which allowed the coach to choose to leave the players in the knockout stage.

However, Sini chose to retain the 11 starting on Monday and was awarded the victory. The result allows Sao Paulo to play a draw in the return duel on July 14 at 8pm in Allianz Park (Brasilia time).

– I spoke to Belmonte this morning. He called me to his room, I sat down and he said: “I want you to feel comfortable, it’s your decision. If you want to have every reserve team, or starting team, then the club Will be supported and respected by you. ” This was the only conversation I had with him – he explained.

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I also talked to the players. These were the right words, I’m glad. He’s a guy who’s always with us, always working with Morrissey, Cotton, Nelson. I talked to him for 10 minutes and he said it was my choice.

“Today is not about strategy, it’s about love!”, Caio | The sound of the crowd

See more statements by Rogério Ceni:

– The classic itself wakes up the player. Palmeiras is very strong. If you do not play with a high level of concentration, you will hardly win. We played six times, won three, lost three. As America’s best team, we kept the balance, and our team knew how to behave well. The changes were correct in the previous and today’s match as well. I only regret Arboleda’s injury, which looks serious on television. Learning is when the dudu side changes, we are ready. Palmyras did not put any ball in our goal.

– It’s good to work with him (Gabriel). It’s harder to play as the first wheel, it’s better when you play together. He sometimes dares to score in the back. Tagged a man like Scarpa today. Sometimes, we fail to mark.

– It was the best game for me since I came here, the best game. He spent a lot of time on the field, tired, but he helped a lot today. Today I give credit to the team for how the players behaved inside Sao Paulo as we know it.

– I am proud to work in Sao Paulo and I am happy to face great teams in Brazilian football. In this difficult moment that the club is going through and playing on an equal footing with the best leader of Libertadores, Brasileirão, it is a source of pride for the fans.

– Like Monday, sure I had the best team. Palmeiras tried to confuse the midfield. We made some adjustments, but strategically it was a great design. Single 20 minute job. We took some time to get the game fit, to make a square in the middle of the field. First Igor and then Nestor. Igor Vinicius and Reinaldo performed well. A safe team that could have come out with the same result on Monday, but sometimes we analyze backwards, here comes the criticism. We have to praise the boys, because they did a good job.

– I don’t want to lose anyone anymore, I may have lost Arboleda for the rest of the season. I can’t lose anymore, except for misfortune like today.

“It’s a public profession and it’s natural for you to be criticized. People are looking for a choice, others are calling. We proved today that we played well on Monday and the strategy was right. Today We had the same team, the same ideas and we were happy with the victory. But that’s why people have the same vision. Win or lose, we will. We have a lot of people in the medical department, I already say that. We will have a better chance of success.

“Without any signatures, with everyone out there, give me these guys and you’ll see how we can be more successful. When the troop is small, it’s hard to attack on three fronts. We have the next two rounds. There is no way back. 18th is not enough, and you are complicating it, the wounded do not return.

– We can only thank the fans in general. He leads the team, helps a lot and gets frustrated.

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