Seni says he represents the best of Sao Paulo.

The victory in the second game against Palmeiras reaffirmed the belief for coach Rogerio Ceni that he was in the selection for Monday (20), when Sao Paulo turned in stoppage time, the game was right for Brasileirão ۔ In today’s double (23), the team started scoring again, but in the first round of the Copa du Brazil Round of 16, they managed to stop the opponent and won 1-0.

“The lessons I learn. [dos dois jogos] You have to believe in your beliefs. The team that played on Monday is the same today. The game lasted 195 minutes, 194 were ahead, and Palmyra was one minute ahead. Believe in your faith and your work, “Seni told a post-match press conference.

After taking a turn in stoppage time on Monday, Sini was accused by the mob. Three days later, with a 1-0 victory, the coach said he was “made to beat like that”.

“We usually have to thank the fans. He moves the team forward, helps a lot and gets frustrated. There’s no point in deciding why Miranda didn’t get in. And today, when will Miranda get in?” What happened? But you know what it is? Sometimes people like to attack a coach because he represents too much of the organization. Maybe. But I understand. You hit me hard, but I was made. That’s how I was beaten. I choose. The club may choose to kick me out. But working as a club job and I I know? Sorry, you won’t find anyone who knows and works hard. “

During the press conference, Sini returned to Palmeiras to be named the best team on the continent and highlighted the fact that Sao Paulo managed to maintain balance in four of the five games played against rivals this season. The exception was a 4-0 defeat in the Paulistão final.

“For a team that is considered the best team in the United States, I think we managed to strike a balance against Palmyra. It’s a beautiful team, but our team knew how to behave well. The changes were right for him. Sorry, only Arboleda’s injury, which seems to be a very serious injury. “

The 1-0 victory gave Sao Paulo a lead in the duel against Palmyra. The team can draw on July 14 in Allianz Park, which will qualify for the Copa du Brazil quarterfinals.

See Rogerio Senni’s other statements at a press conference:

How was the decision made to select the starting lineup in Copa du Brazil?

I talked to Belmonte these days. [Carlos, diretor de futebol]Who called me to his room I sat down and he told me to relax so it was my decision. If I had to put in a whole reserve team, they would be with me, as well as the whole first team. That was the only conversation he had with her.

I’m glad he’s a guy who stays with us all the time and supports us, he’s one of the hardest working people, he and Maurice ۔ Today I talked to him for 10 minutes, he told me to make my choice, which will support my decision.

Has Patrick got a place in the starting lineup?

Patrick has come a long way in the last few games. Today, he works more or less internationally. I think he has achieved a lot in this role as the second striker or opener on the left. He has a lot of power, he’s not that fast, but he’s a drag player.

He was lucky enough to score in recent games. It is undeniable that he is gaining ground, we just have to take care of fatigue. He played in almost every game. He’s a player who’s getting into one …. it’s like he says, he’s thin today, right?

The performance of Gabriel Nevis

He is a good guy to work with on a daily basis. Playing as before, alone, is more difficult for him. It gets better as well. It’s a bit careless, trying to steal the boil and make room.

It has been his best game since I came here. It was their best game, they managed to stay on the field longer, they got tired and left. He helped a lot today, I have to give credit to the player. Today I give the team all the credit for its behavior, for what Sao Paulo is, as we know it.

When did you decide to repeat the lineup?

I am proud to work in Sao Paulo and I face teams the size of Palmyra, Corinthians, sometimes I win, sometimes I get frustrated like Monday. In this difficult time the club is going through, it is still a source of pride for the fans to be able to face the equivalent of a team that is the leader of Brazil, the best campaign of Libertadores.

The call-up was the same as I had at number two, it was the best team I had to face Palmyra. My team was a safe team that could have come up with the same result on Monday. But we analyze the game backwards, then you start with criticism. My great feeling was that we made the best choice on Monday, and the players ran very hard today.

Should Calleri save against Juventude?

I can’t guarantee he won’t play on Sunday. But I can assure you that we will try to recover in the next 48 hours. At lunchtime on Sunday, during the activity, we will talk to each one, I just need to explain the game system beforehand and depending on each person’s assessment that I fit into the pieces, it To see if there is more or less danger. Injury. But I don’t give up on Sundays or for any player.

What do you expect from Marcos Guilhermi, the next to be announced?

I don’t know about it I don’t know the signature. I like Marcos, because in 2016 I visited Sao Paulo, I greeted him, I think he is a child of Sao Paulo. If the club thinks this is a market opportunity, it will be welcomed, it will be welcomed. But I don’t know how to sign an agreement. I am not familiar with any of the negotiations, with very few signatures.


We have a great team, good players, dedicated people, but we have a lot of people in DM. If you give me everyone who is in DM, I tell you we have a better chance of success. No signature, give me everyone who has been injured for a long time, a month, 15 days, 35 days, people who will live even longer. Give it to these guys and you will see how we have a better chance of winning more than one competition. Now that the contingent is small, if they want to attack on many fronts, they are more likely to get injured. We don’t have anyone to look back on for the next two, three rounds. I can’t believe anyone came back. But, I said, we have a better chance of losing, and we lost another player. And it gets shorter. And 18 date is not enough, we can’t get anyone out of DM, because they are seriously injured. Options decrease, fatigue increases. There is also the possibility of injury as a result.

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