Shakeel O’Neill’s son trains Lakers.

Eligible for the 2022 draft, Sharif O’Neill, son of Hall of Famer, Shakeel O’Neill has trained with the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and will eventually work with the Los Angeles Lakers. At age 22, he chose to test the pre-draft process and was one of the participants. Elite Camp The G-League last month in Chicago.

In addition, O’Neal moved from UCLA, California to LSU, Louisiana prior to the 2020-21 campaign. However, he has not played much in the last two seasons due to a foot injury. However, the foot problem was not his main obstacle as an athlete. However, Sharif underwent heart surgery in 2018 when medical staff at the university noticed an anomaly in his heart when he arrived on campus as a new man.

“I never thought I’d be able to practice in the NBA. It got better this year and I was able to think, ‘I want to go to the NBA.’ I dreamed of going to high school.” But with this surgery, I wasn’t really worried about basketball. I just wanted to be healthy, “said Shaq’s son.

While training with magicians, Sharif measured 2.08 meters – an inch taller than he had entered the university last year. Thus, it can be concluded that he is not as tall as his father, who is 2.16 meters, but not too far.

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Shaq, on the other hand, has already shown that his son will not have the same characteristics of a dominant and physically strong center as he did during the 2000s. The reason is that, for the legendary Lakers player, he compared it to his style. Giannis Antetokounmpo, but with one difference: pitch.

Before having the opportunity to train with the Lakers, where Shakeel O’Neill made history, his son Sharif returned happy to be healthy and having the opportunity to practice with the franchise means a lot to his family. ۔

“Being able to play sports again and be healthy encourages me. Every day I take off my shirt and look at the scars and it keeps me moving. I grew up on the same field as when I was born. Yes, my father and Kobe Bryant were champions. Clearly, apart from my father, Kobe was like a mentor to me. I know, “said O’Neill.

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