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With just five months to go before the Qatar Cup, the CBF has appealed for the same strategy as in 2018, in the face of strong hostility towards the Brazilian team.

Tight makers give interviews to various media, and then go silent in the World Cup. Or rather, talk only when FIFA is needed. Before and after the games.

The national team coach’s interviews are not as resonant as they were four years ago. Because your work is no longer appreciated. It got very rotten.

Start with the failure in the Russian Cup. Disappointment over his mistake in the face of Neymar’s anger and ridiculous imitation. Shirt 10’s selfishness only stood in the way of selection, which struggling Belgium has yet to overcome in the quarter-finals.

Another blow came to the image of a leader, a just commander. With the decision to hire his own son without any experience. And with the freedom to guide Brazilian players, show them what they need to do on the field. Strange situation, which many people pretend not to see.

With the CBF’s inability to hold friendly matches against powerful Europeans, Tite’s team tried to deceive the media with its victory over devastated South American countries with terrible races. Campaign CBF is always remembered in sleepy qualifiers. But the embarrassment of losing the Copa Amrica in the middle of Maracana to Argentina last year has been abandoned.

Tate, who was nominated by some as the ideal candidate for the presidency of Brazil in 2018 and dominated advertising before the World Cup, has become obscure. He is no longer the leader, the coach that companies dreamed of as a speaker.

Perhaps advised by the CBF press office, or his own (yes, Tate has two offices to help him), the national team coach has some interesting news for those who Decide to interview her during.

The strongest news is that if Brazil loses the Qatar World Cup, it has already explained its personal strategy. This will be the second consecutive failure of the only coach in history who has the right to go straight to another coach after losing the World Cup with the national team.

Tight knows he will be deported. With Neymar more secure than necessary, the demand for a second losing cup with his team will be very high. Even if he works at Corinthians, a club that presents itself as “his home” in 2023, will be charged in every game. Marked How Felipão lost his luster after 7-1 against Germany.

Smart, technician had already warned on TV Gazeta.

“All I can say is, yes, I will not be working for any Brazilian team next year. I have the commitment and the word for my wife, my family.”

The coach made it clear that he would be open to his old dream. Work in a European team.

To improve himself, Tate said Real Madrid, PSG and Sporting sought him out.

Impressive, no?

But all these important polls were conducted before the 2018 World Cup. When the team was expected to perform brilliantly.

“In the World Cup [pouco antes do torneio de 2018]They [Real Madrid] He said he wanted to talk and I said ‘no, I will not talk, don’t come close’. I want to be at peace with myself and my work. I am doing my best. When you do something in parallel, it is not being done completely. I can’t do this. I received offers from Real Madrid, PSG and Sporting. But I didn’t want that. I want to win world cup After the World Cup, I will decide my future “, a revelation he made for a big European car, the English newspaper The Guardian.

“If you win the World Cup, you will have an open market, you can choose. I will not lie: I definitely do not intend to work in Brazil. I will spend a year with my family. I want to take a time. Year break, study, don’t be responsible, because the responsibility is too big, something will come from outside.

There was a rumor in CBF which became ridiculous. That Arsenal will wait for a tie after the Qatar World Cup. It lasted less than a month, as the English club renewed until 2025 with the Spanish Michel Arteta.

Brazil’s name is not currently under discussion in any European team. No one.

Tight is only commented on at his favorite club, Corinthians. He was in Itaquera to follow Sunday’s game against the Goiás. And he spoke excitedly.

The coach has changed a lot.

Six years in the national team damaged his career.

He lost confidence, security, clarity in his answers.

He looks like a politician at press conferences, speaking without binding himself.

His team has continued to emulate what it has been doing in Europe for years.

He is emotionally attached to the group that failed in Russia.

Pretends not to see Neymar’s privileges and exaggerations.

Very intelligent, he knows that his chances of winning the cup are slim.

And the lack of memory of Brazilian football.

If Brazil fails again, which is very risky, there is no such thing as a holiday without work.

She is already a millionaire before her successful club career. And for the extraordinary salary he receives in the Brazilian team.

You can travel to Europe by 2023 just to enjoy the family and to absorb new strategies, strategies.

And then start your home Corinthians again. Or Flamengo, or Atlético Mineiro, or even Palmeiras. Which Brazilian club does not want a coach who has led the team in two World Cups?

In Europe, no.

Just remember an extraordinary coach named Tele Santana …

The CBF Museum commemorates 20 years of Ronaldo Phenomenon Penta.


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