St la Stranger Things, Fluminense announces renewal with André by 2025: “Best Steering Wheel in Brazil” | fluminense

Fluminense has signed midfielder Andre for another season this Tuesday. With the revelation of the 2021 Brazilian Championship and the highlight of the current season, Moleque de Xerém has now agreed to a new bond by December 2025, and the commitment has already appeared in the CBF’s BID (Daily Newsletter). Has done The club made the official announcement at the end of the afternoon in the style of Stranger Things, an American television series that was a success in Brazil.

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In the announcement video, Andre’s silhouette is seen with the players at several round events, including in the old photos where he appears. Alan, the striker that Flumens is returning home after seven seasons in China.. And the characters on the screen then form the phrase “the best steering wheel in Brazil”. In the end, the player is seen saying that he signed the renewal and asked the fans to become members of the club. (See top of article).

Andre signs renewed contract with Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Goncalves / Fluminense FC

Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt expressed his intention to renew with the midfielder during a press conference in which he talked about three years of management. The term of the agreement was first published by journalist Victor Lisa on “Rádio Globo”.

Born in the Algodão district of Ibirataia, 326 km from El Salvador, the Fluminense midfielder made his first soccer debut in the Bahia youth category when he was nine years old.

Andre spent two years in the main categories of Bahia, where he played another role: he was a center forward. In 2013, he received an invitation from Fluminense and was afraid to move further away from his family, but he accepted the challenge. In Xerém, he failed to establish himself in the early years and did not change positions until he found himself in midfield between 2015 and 2016, as the captain of “Geração de Ouro”. Also revealed João Pedro, Marcos Paulo, Luiz Henrique. others

Andrea has a new contract with Flumens, published in IDB – Photo: Reproduction

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“Deca”, as his closest people call him, only had difficulties in the professional beginning, when he played very little and almost ended up on loan. He had suggestions from Botafogo and CRB, but Hudson’s serious injury changed his plans and gave the midfielder a new chance.

Promoted as an absolute starter in 2021, when he was selected to reveal Brasileirão, the player has been one of the team’s favorites ever since and has played in 80 matches with a Fluminense shirt as a professional. This season, he played 32 games, scored one goal and provided two assists.

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