Stress and hell? Hulk replies to Gabigol: ‘There are no boys here’

Photo: Alexander Gozanshe / EM / DA Press

Hulk, tonight in Maniro, the scorer hit Gabigol.

The fight between Hulk and Gabigol is intense on the field and at the microphone. After Atletico’s 2-1 victory over Flamingo, the red-and-black striker said in Maniro on Wednesday night that Atletico will know what the pressure is in the return game. Gallo’s No. 7 retreated.

“When they get there (in Maracan) they will know the pressure of hell,” he declared.

Shortly afterwards, Hulk was asked about Gabigol’s words. Atletico Idol said that the Atletico squad is “cascudo” and is accustomed to this type of game. He believes that Elevenigro will not feel pressure on Maracan.

“We are used to playing in a big environment. We are all experienced players, national teams, tough players, so no boy faces any pressure. But the important thing is that the teacher does what he says, pay attention. Come along and move on. Excellent. Of course, nothing has been won yet, one part is on the way, but we have the other part, if God wants to guarantee a place for the next stage, “said the Atletico striker. Said

The return match between Atletico and Flamengo will take place on July 13 at 9:30 pm in Maracan. After winning the first round 2-1, Gallo could also equalize the clash in Rio de Janeiro, which would guarantee a ranking.

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