SuperUber translates current moments of digital art into NFT.Rio shows.

At the NFT.Rio event, SuperUber’s mission is to showcase the universe of digital art, generative art and NFT, the first international exhibition of NFTs in Brazil, to be held in Rio de Janeiro’s Park Lage. Between June 30 and July 3. Responsible for expography and technology, SuperUber designed the exhibition with in-depth and interactive experiences to showcase what is being created around the world by more than a hundred local and foreign artists and collectors. ۔

NFT.Rio will occupy Park Ledge’s stable. A room will have a timeline on the screens to tell the story of NFTs explosions, as well as a dictionary of key terms and colloquialisms of the universe. The exhibition room features an ‘NFT open book’ with a selection of curators, where the work will be presented on 3 walls in the form of a waterfall, as well as for visitors to see different artists and collections. 4 large interactive screens, such as Fesq, Uno de Oliveira and Simone Monte.

“We’re literally going to put people’s hands inside the virtual world to get acquainted with NFTs, through sensors that mimic their hands on the screen,” said Liana Brazil, art director and partner at Super Uber. Says

Also on display will be the work of names who have previously worked as designers and programmers at SuperUber, such as Marlus Araújo and Vamoss, the last nickname of the company’s technology director, Carlos Oliveira. Vamoss is an artist programmer and uses code as a raw material to create unique digital art projects. At the NFT.Rio exhibition, they will present the V&P Patterns of Life series.

Let’s take a picture.

Liana Brazil says that in the deepest space, the public will be able to consider animations with the soundtracks of some of the most valuable NFTs in the global market and on the national scene. ” .

“We are part of an alliance of art, design and technology. We are part of a community that deals with subjects like NFT, such as design and programming, so we become a reference and we naturally connect with these people. Who are creating and producing NFT.Rio “, says Liana. “When a topic that is related to innovation is more popular, we are naturally connected,” he says.

Market in billions: NFT or non-fungible tokens are digital representations of any unique digital, such as a popular work of art, song, or tweet. The global market for NFTs has grown significantly over the past two years, handling 17 17.6 billion in transactions in 2021 alone, the way people will communicate in a digital environment and how technology will be implemented. In the physical world as part of a real revolution

In Brazil, there are already dozens of artists producing in this format and some highly relevant works will be on NFT.Rio, including a collection of international collectors, such as Cozomo di’Medici, Rapper Snoop Nickname dog.

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