Team Fortress 2 is alive! Valve released the first update after fan protests.

Complaints from sports fans began in May and Valve promised changes.

In May of this year, many fans of Team Fortress 2 The campaign started # SaveTF2so that Valve Take a look at the game community and fix some of the issues that are affecting the title. The main complaint – in addition to the lack of support and refinement – is the presence of “bots” that are 100% accurate and that do not leave matches capable of entertaining players.

Even in May Valve Responding to the players’ protest by saying: “The TF2 community, we listen to you! We love the game and we know you do too. We see how big the problem is and we’re working to make things better.Which gave hope to fight bots and problems in the game.

The update introduced a number of improvements to the game, eliminating many of the bugs that allowed in-game operations that compromised fair play. This update also fixes some animation issues. Check out the important changes in the new update.

1.1 quintal operations per second: The United States is the world’s fastest supercomputer.

  • Fixed an exploit for clearing these game text chats.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could use sv_cheats on secure servers
  • Set up an exploit where players can teleport back to their spawn by changing their loadout / class by touching the other team’s restricted entry door.
  • Fixed an exploit with Huntsman where a player could change the loadout and negate the speed debug.
  • Fixed an exploit with Ap-Sap where players could send spam noises.
  • Determined an exploit where dispensers could fix glass on some maps.
  • Detected an exploit where a spy could disguise himself and make a hidden bullet shield on his legs.
  • Fixed slow animations on Halloween bosses, skeletons, ghosts and other ghostly creatures
  • He disguised himself as a soldier, pyro, heavy or engineer and used the wrong disguised weapons to fix the spy without any member of the same class in the opposing team.
  • Fixed projectiles sometimes collide with teammates too soon / too late.
  • Must be able to change name during matchmaking game.
  • Fixed some HUD images blurring when using low texture settings.
  • Fixed detective fake killings with Dead Ringer are not appearing in Matchmaking Quick Team Status Bar.
  • Fixed% killername% and other placeholder names sometimes appear on the Killcam and Status screens.
  • Ability to reactivate servers to send clients reasons for disconnection
    • Added ConVar net_disconnect_reason to use client disconnection.
  • Mann removed the headgear option from the company. Catalog
  • The latest voting system
    • Both teams can get kick votes at the same time.
    • There can be a global vote at the same time as the kick vote.
    • Sometimes it is decided not to be able to vote on the maps at the end of the round
  • Updated El Fiestibrero to fix a problem with the model / Added some tournament medals
  • Updated localization files

Liked the update. Team Fortress 2? What improvements would you like? Valve Do in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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