The 13-year-old boy drew attention at Taça das Favelas and was invited to audition in Corinth | cup of favelas

Jambero was fined in the first round of the second edition against Carlos Lorenko. Favilas Cup Campanas, but the main purpose of the tournament, to provide visibility to the youth in the communities, was achieved for one player of the team.

At the age of 13, midfielder Erton Jr., better known as Jeninho, was invited to a week-long Test at his favorite team, the Corinthians.

With the minimum age to participate (born in 2008), Juninho registered, passed the sieve and entered the field last week.

The team lost the match to penalties (4-3) after a 0-0 draw in the usual time, but the midfielder’s individual performance caught the attention of technical commentator Sandro Silva, who is part of the Corinthians base.

– We observe many aspects through the standards set by the club. What caught our attention at Earton Jr. were aspects such as relationship with the ball (naturalness), technical ability, personality, competition (not giving up) and courage. Now our idea is to look at it in a different context, with a higher level of demand, its response, adaptation and other aspects that we often can’t see in just one game – Sandro commented.

Juninho Favilas Cup match – Photo: Dan Oliveira / Publicity

The testing period will still be marked by the club, but Juninho’s mother has already begun organizing to help her son on the journey.

The cost of living in Sao Paulo is borne by the players’ families. Simply put, Leide Leite is in touch with family and friends who can help with the necessary expenses.

– I’m already filling out all the forms he sent me and as soon as it works I will go to Sao Paulo with him, because this is the dream of his life, and I, as a mother, his To be there for help. Everyone says he didn’t learn to play football, he was born knowing.

Once the date is set, Juninho must report to Sao George Park on Monday for Orientation Day for the week.

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Training begins on Tuesday and continues through Friday. During this period, five club observers will review the youth. Whoever gets the approval goes to the next level, merging into teams and players who are already part of the club’s base.

– Seeing your son achieve his dream is the best feeling of life, which he always wanted. This is the team of his heart. I was always with him in training sessions that I was able to participate in, I never lost a single one in the championship. It is a joy, a great satisfaction. I feel the best in the world when he plays on the field. I like to see my son happy – Lead said.

* Assisted by Júlia Ribeiro, Intern, Heitor Esmeriz.

Juninho and his mother Leide celebrate their victory – Photo: Personal Archive

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