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Samsung has revealed the prices of the brand’s 2022 line smart TVs on its official website. The Neo QLED 8K and 4K models received suggested price indications on the website, and many are now available for purchase. So far, however, the only television in the public eye was the Neo QLED QN90B, which comes in 43 “50”, 55 “and 65” size options – the television is priced at R $ 5,999, R $ 6,499, R $ 7,499. And R $ 11,399 respectively.

As its code indicates, QLED QN90B comes in the television market to replace QN90A. The device has 4K resolution, mini LED technology on the panel and a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. In addition, it still has support for the Dolby Atmos audio protocol, which is used in theaters, and AMD’s FreeSync technology, which tends to avoid “tearing” in the image. Next, look at the other models and their prices.

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Samsung Neo QLED Q90B comes with game mode – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

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In the QLED line, the 2022 model Q80B appears on Samsung’s official website in three different sizes: 50 “55” and 65 “. All have 4K resolution, game mode and prices up to R $ 5,999, R $ 6,999 and R $ 9,999. The TVs also have Dolby Atmos Audio, an AI processor and Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

The Smart TV QLED Q80B is available in three different sizes – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

The Q65B model, lower than the Q80B, but still with quantum dot technology and 4K resolution, appears in versions of 50 “55”, 60 “, 65” and 70 “. R $ 3,699, R $ 3,999, R $ 4,999, R $ 5,999 and R $ 6,999 respectively. The entry level models are the 50 “(R $ 3,699), 55” (R $ 3,499) and 65 “version” (BRL 5,899) of the Q60B.

In the Neo QLED line, which uses a mini LED panel, the QN85B model has four size options: 55 “65”, 75 “and 85”, priced at R $ 9,999 for other sizes, R for other sizes. 16,999. Up to R $ 26,999 for the third and largest. The price of the 55 “version is not disclosed on Samsung’s website. These models have built-in Alexa Voice Assistant, Dolby Atmos sound, slim design and 4K resolution. This model is successful with QN85A.

Samsung QN85B can be up to 85 inches in size – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

The 2022 QN700B Series 8K TV is only available in sizes 55 “and 65” – however, prices have not yet been recorded on the official website. The devices have 8K full resolution and so-called “virtual sound in motion” and an AI processor. The TV has a slim design and a premium finish.

The 2022 QN700B series has 8K resolution – Photo: Handout / Samsung

One level up, the QN800B series has set prices: R $ 16,999 for the 65 “version and R $ 26,999 for the 75” version. At the top of the line, the QN900B is priced at BRL 59,999 in the 75 “option and comes in the largest 85” size salty BRL at 89,999.

In the Crystal UHD entry line, Samsung also released prices. The BU8000 model comes in sizes 43 “, 50”, 55 “, 60”, 65 “, 75” and 85). R $ 4,699, R $ 6,999 and R $ 13,999 all models are 4K.

Samsung Crystal UHD BU8000 R starts at 2,699 – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

About the price of the TV already on the website – despite the absence of an official announcement – Samsung responded Tech Todo With a note:

“We are starting to update the 2022 TV lineup and, soon, we will launch a new portfolio in the Brazilian market, bringing more information about the company’s strategy. Samsung. So far, we’ve introduced the Neo QLED QN90, the first high-performance TV for gamers, with a 144 Hz, Super Ultra Wide Screen and Burn Guaranteed. “

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