The American Football League now broadcasts live with FPV drones.

To give the broadcast a new face American Football LeagueFox Sports, which owns the USFL, plans to invest about ً 150 million during the season. According to information, a good portion of this money will be set aside to invest in tests with photographs Drone And with cameras in the players’ helmets.

With the new season United States Football League Opened last Saturday night (16), the broadcast provided fans with the opportunity to see more details of the game from inside the field.

With FPV drones, captured images and audio show players’ instructions and other ambient sounds from inside the stadium. In addition, with the cameras attached to the helmet, the league also broadcasts images from the player’s point of view in the match, ie in the first person.

The captured images were taken by aerial cinematography experts at Beverly Hills Ariels, who have already taken aerial photographs of cars and motorcycles. See below how the filming was done with drones designed specifically for the USFL.

Despite the beautiful pictures recorded, the new perspective became a topic of discussion and divided the opinion of football fans on social media. On Twitter, some praised the images recorded last week, while others said drones and player-emitted sounds got in the way, causing noise during the game’s narrative. One fan even compared the sound emanating from the drone to the call of duty game to the roar of a zombie.

“I was really looking forward to the USFL but it’s a director’s nightmare. There’s a lot going on here. Lots of crossstall and spinning drones. Low tech and pure football please,” said another Twitter user. Written

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Despite the criticism, it is possible for the organization to focus on what happens on social networks and find new ways to handle these transmissions. Fox Sports also acknowledged that the use of technology will increase and improve throughout the season, as such broadcasts are new to football.

is that you? Do you think it would be a good idea to have drones that broadcast football matches and other sports?


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By: Drone DJ Source: USFL


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