The American footballer hears the cry on the field and becomes a pastor

Denver, January 19. 22 / 11:57 am (ACI) – Landry Weber specializes in accounting and is about to complete his master’s degree at Kansas State University. Following a family tradition, Weber played football for his university team..

However, neither accounting nor football will trust Weber in the future. The student will enter the madrassa. St. John’s To become a pastor in the Denver of the Kansas Archdiocese. And it was on the football field that he heard the final call of his career.

Interviewing the newspaper. National Catholic RegisterFrom the EWTN group to which ACI Digital belongs, Weber admits that he has always felt his call for priesthood since childhood.

He said he once started dating a girl and felt a conflict between moving on and marrying her or continuing his career as a pastor. One morning, he went to the football field to discuss his situation with God.

“I was lying on the training ground in the middle of the night, looking up at the sky at 2 in the morning,” and I asked God directly, “Do you want me to be with this girl or do you want me to Stay with? ”Just then he saw a cross appear in the stars.

On another occasion, Weber woke up in the middle of the night, worried about the future of his relationship with another girl he had tried to date in college, but he soon heard a reassuring voice. He told her, “It doesn’t matter. Becoming a pastor is for you.”

In addition to these signs, Weber said the local church, his spiritual life, and the support of his family played a key role in calling him to the clergy and deciding to enter the seminary.

He said he was impressed by a message he heard in St. Louis. Acidor in Kansas, where he was reminded that God would always be with him in his work.

“There’s a belief in society that there’s only one way to be happy, and that is to graduate and get married,” Weber said. “People think that going to school means that God will leave you, and you will have to dig and dig to find happiness and you will feel lonely.”

“What do you think will happen if you surrender your life to God? He will wrap his arm around you and guide you every step of the way. It will be great. It will be just the opposite of what you expected.” “It simply came to our notice then.

Weber said that three things are central to his spiritual life: Eucharist, Confession and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“I have found that prayer and receiving the Eucharist and spending time in worship and confession have a profound effect on my life and my relationship with Jesus and my mental health. These two sacred things: the Eucharist and the Confession. That’s when I walk away from them and how quickly my life breaks down. ” In addition, he said he dedicated himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary and renewed his sanctity once and for all.

The support of parents Stein and Nancy and the three brothers, who also excelled in sports, was fundamental, as by encouraging him to study and excel in football, they also helped him to live a better life in the Catholic faith. Of

“Whether it’s football, volleyball, teaching, bowling or business, the Weber family always strives for the best,” said Father Drew Hoffman, who serves at the local Arc Dice. “They take this desire seriously and apply it to the virtue of faith. It is highly contagious,” he added.

Stan Weber told the local newspaper Vachita Eagle He thanked God that he loved sports the most “what it teaches about life” and said that he teaches his children that practicing any sport “is a responsibility” “

To the pastor, “Landry is one of the best men I’ve ever met on a college campus.” “I’m impressed with his discipline. He’s a great flying soccer player and a great student, but he still has plenty of time to pray, attend daily gatherings and spend time with his friends. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Landry Weber said that when he was young his mother was a cheerleader and his father was a famous football player who was hired to coach by famous coaches Jimmy Johnson and Pat Dye. He decided to stay in Kansas for the love of his state.

He also said that his elder brother had played in the same position. Wide receiver He did it in college and is now a football coach at the University of South Carolina. Elder sister, who played volleyball. Wild catsNow a member of a college Catholic missionary apostate.

Landry told the local newspaper Vachita Eagle One of his early childhood memories was watching a state football game, and since he was a month old, his parents have taken him to sports.

Landry said Register In his last game as a soccer player, the coaches “announced my profession.” Was during Texas Bowl On January 4, when he was injured in the first minutes and had to leave the field.

“This is a young man who has a plan for something bigger than football,” ESPN’s Tom Hart announced on the broadcast. “Landry Weber intends to become a pastor after finishing his football career,” he added.

For laundry, football can be a good preparation for school.

“My favorite part of college football is that it’s very challenging and demanding. It teaches a lot of discipline with your schedule and choices.”

Also, “When you get tired and don’t want to do anything, you get in the habit of working. Nevertheless, you go out and do it,” he concluded.

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