The ANS list of mandatory health plan coverage includes three procedures – health

The National Supplementary Health Agency Added new method to the list of essentials for ANS coverage. Health insurance. Resolution 23, published in this Thursday’s edition Union official diaryEffective October 22.

The list includes the following three methods: cerliponese for the treatment of alpha neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 2 (CLN2); Intracerebroventricular implantation of drug infusion pump; And the use of injectable hormonal contraceptives.

CLN2 is an “extremely rare” disease and, in its classic form, affects children 2 to 4 years of age, with irreversible degenerative evolution. In a February resolution, the National Commission for the Corporation of Technologies in the USUS (CONTAC) recommended that Alpha Serelopones not be included in the Unified Health System. “Conitec members considered medical evidence sufficient, given the severity and rarity of the disease and its ability to change the natural course of the disease, but with a high cost-effectiveness ratio and budgetary effect.”

As far as contraceptive use in women during the fertility period is concerned, coverage of Medroxyprogesterone + Estradiol Cypionate and Algestone Estophenoid + Estradiol Enanthate will be mandatory. The two were unanimously proposed by Conitec to join SUS at a meeting in April this year.

Earlier this month, the second part of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) ruled. Limit the procedures offered by health plan operators in the country.. The ministers explained that the nature of the ANS list is complete, with the exception of companies covering medical applications that are off the list.

If there is no alternative to treatment or if the procedure on the list is exhausted, however, the STJ explains that there may be abnormal coverage of the treatment indicated by the doctor or dentist. However, it is important to note that: ANS has not ruled out the inclusion of the procedure in the list. There is evidence of the effectiveness of treatment in the light of medicine; There are recommendations from nationally and internationally renowned technical institutes, such as Kontik and Ntjis; Whenever possible, magistrates engage in interdisciplinary dialogue with health professionals without transferring the decision-making power of the case to a federal court.

The list includes “the procedures considered necessary for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases and health incidents” that need to be presented to the country’s health care plans – the signed projects. Depending on the type. The list is available. On the agency’s website.

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