The artist creates NFT works that are impossible to perfect in the physical world.

The artist creates NFT works that are impossible to perfect in the physical world.

Daniel Ersham has exhibited his sculptures, paintings and experimental installations in galleries and museums around the world. She has worked in architecture and fashion, directed films and collaborated with artists and brands such as Ferrell Williams, Dior, Pokemon and Porsche.

In addition, he is the creative director of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the US National Basketball League (or NBA).

Given the variety of his popular works, the multi-disciplinary artist embraced the idea of ​​releasing works of art through non-fungal tokens (or NFTs) only when he realized that he was working with a completely different format. Could – which he could not do with his work. Physical

“Just the idea that it’s possible to own something digitally – it wasn’t interesting enough for me to say, ‘Oh, I want to be a part of it,'” Arsham said. Decrypt. “Every time I enter a new industry, I want to make sure that it is providing me and my audience with something that is not possible. [de ser proporcionado] In another medium. “

He was introduced to NFTs in 2019 by brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, co-founders of the crypto exchange Gemini, when they visited the artist’s New York studio.

The twins had acquired the Nifty Gateway Marketplace and were trying to persuade mainstream artists to embrace the new medium – a process later described as “a difficult battle”. ۔

Arsham heard about cryptocurrencies, influential Ethereum profile pictures, and considered linking NFTs to physical artwork – but didn’t immediately understand.

However, one of the twins said something that stuck in Ersham’s mind: he can create digital artworks that change slowly over time.

“For the next few months, I was thinking about this idea: What can I really do with it?” The artist said.


In the future, this inspiration will result in “Eroding and Reforming”, a series of digital sculptures that Arsham launched in 2021 at the Nifty Gateway.

Each 3D animation shows a sculpture – a broken one, a body or a car – that slowly fades away and breaks down over time before returning to its original shape. Some things change according to the seasons of the real world.

Now, he is assembling elements of his old NFT works, developed on Ethereum, for the final release of the “Eroding and Performing” series on Nifty Gateway, which will go on sale on April 30, which I have 30 new compositions inspired by popular movies. Hollywood

And there is a special benefit for collectors who complete the complete set.

Arsham’s real desire

As with some of his art exhibitions, Ersham’s NFT combines classic themes with elements of entertainment and pop culture.

He also plays with the notion of time in such a way that his physical work cannot be done, with tasks that change or develop over a period of time – for example the length of a day, or the length of a feature film.

Feature films are about the four works that make up the final sale of Ersham’s series.

Each depicts a historic car from a famous movie, presented in a variety of digital content, traveling through various reliefs. Every NFT has a downturn for both the car and the background details (like the sculpture) before it starts to build again.

Photo of one of the artist’s new NFTs (Photo: Daniel Ersham)

In an NFT composite, DeLorean from the Back to the Future saga – physically re-imagined in a degrading form – is inserted into a digital rock and traversed on the dusty red surface of Mars. Shown doing.

Another NFT work shows the BMW E-30, from the movie “Wall Street: Power and Grade” (1997), blowing dust on the moon.

Other works feature a Ferrari 250 GT California in a forest from the movie “Enjoying Life” (1986), and a 1968 Ford Mustang GT from the movie “Bullitt” (1968), in a narrow view of the city in the rain. .

Ersham says it was a “big challenge” when these cars were created with unusual textures and how they should look and move, often moving in unexpected places.

“When you see a car passing by a cinema, a lot of your interpretation of the true feeling is based on reflection and the like,” he explained. But these cars look like statues. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. […]. It’s really fun. “

Ersham with his physically deranged Delorin (Photo: Daniel Ersham)

Ersham says that while some may think of NFTs as simple, creative works of art – just like many stereotypical profile photo projects on the market – this animated composition gives them all these little details. It took an incredible amount of time to deal with. Came with it Was in mind

“Creating these works is as complicated for me as making a complete show, like how many turns I had to go through for the perfect thing,” he said. Decrypt.

“The way the light hits the object, the speed … literally the way the dust falls on the surface of the moon – these are all important aspects of being able to feel them.”

Construction of Metavers

The final sale will complete a set of ten “Eroding and Reforming” series NFTs on the Nifty Gateway. There is also an advantage for waqf depositors: 11th work bonus which will be distributed only to those who have full deposit.

Ersham says the bonus is not over yet, but that it will be “something special” and that “it connects them all in a way that I don’t believe people have.” [perdem por esperar]”

In the near future, this will be a “snapshot” of the holder’s wallet (which will record the state of the blockchain at a certain block height) to determine who will get the bonus job, but long enough fans Try to fill in the blanks. As they go Get the rest of the NFTs in the secondary market.

In addition to its initial NFT project, Arsham will continue to interact with NFTs and the wider Web3 industry.

He envisions launching his own personal server (such as Discord) to jumpstart his community of digital collectors, but he is also excited about the potential for creation for future metavers – primarily art. Because of my experience with construction.

“I’m starting to see things that do not obey gravity, which have different scales, and nature can work in ways that do not obey the laws of the earth,” Arsham said. Explained about “I think a lot of that would be magical.”

In the physical world, Arsham seeks ways to bring a digital touch to his physical work. For 2023, he plans to hold a large museum show, where he plans to showcase the full series of “Eroding and Reforming” digital sculptures, and also considers the possibility of his next NFT art. How to make both planes interactive.

“I’m convinced that next [obras] “How we interact with them, in a meteor space or, perhaps, in a physical environment – has something to do with how they re-enter the physical world,” Arsham said. Said.

Translated by Daniela Pereira du Nacimento with permission from *

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