The Ball – Benfica (basketball) in the playoffs

The Ball – Benfica (basketball) in the playoffs

Benfica beat Póvoa 67-84 (14-19, 20-14, 17-28, 16-23) in Game 2 of the quarterfinals to advance to the semifinals of the Betclic League Playoffs. Final, three of the best this season. In the first match, which took place on Thursday and started the final stage of the championship, the Eagles won 77-59 in Luz.

The team, led by Norberto Alves, will now have to wait for the results of the Oliveirense-CAB Madeira series, which will have to go black after the Madeirans. ۔ 82 -72. Same result from Game 1. Game 3 takes place on Tuesday at the Oliveira de Isis.

Always wanting to play at the same level to bring down the opponent, Benfica still faced some offensive difficulties in the first half due to the pressure of the home team and defensive support. The ball landed inside the area as a three point shot (4/13 at half time) failed to work.

And while Póvoa was breathing, he kept fighting and wanting to take the series back to Lisbon. One of the highest moments of such desire was the last 2.42 minutes of the second quarter, where Delaney, led by Billy Lock (25 points, 6 races), signed 10 of the team’s 20 points during that time. The host team is back. Command thanks to the thrilling part of 11-2 (34-33) before going into the locker room.

Everything was open and the crowds at the Póvoa Sports Club pavilion were excited. Not too long as on the way back the Reds not only maintained their momentum in the offensive transition but also increased the pressure on the ball and passing lines. As they completely dominated the third quarter (17-28), the first difference on the scoreboard opened with a fraction of 3-15 (44-55) which for the first time widened the gap to tens. ۔

Povo’s final farewell to the playoffs, a milestone in the club’s history that came from the Prolega, happened in the last round when, shortly after being reduced to 6 (62-68), he did not have it. Weapons and physical ability for partial combat of 3-16 (65-84) in which Benfica’s freshness and ball rotation and counter-attack were evident.

Joao Gomez (18 points, 9 races), Travis Manning (16 points, 8 races), with 5/5 in the field launch, and Dennis Clifford (12 points, 3 races) were the Eagles’ top scorers who reached the Eagles. After a break with 10 turnovers, they added just three more in the second half. He still excelled in Table Fight (33-38) and finished with a satisfactory 20 assists.

In addition to Blaylock, the productions of Póvoa de Varzim include Diego Kapelan (18 pts, 3 res) and Nakye Sanders (10 pts, 9 res). While Benfica’s bench contributed 26 points, Povva contributed only 14 points.


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