The best draft in NBA history

It will be held today. Draft 2022 NBA, and Jumper brazil, Waiting for you 12th coverage of the eventAsks his readers: What was the best recruitment in history?

To answer this question, the Site In the opinion of the leading analysts of, in the historical order, will present the three most brilliant recruits so far. Draft: 1984, 1996 and 2003. Thus, at the end of the text, Jumper Brazil Choose the one you like.


O Draft 1984 was historic. After all, it was in this that the greatest basketball player ever appeared. Michael Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the third round.

However, the power of the 1984 draft goes beyond Jordan. Hakeem Olajuwon (# 1 – Houston Rockets) is one of the best centers in league history (the best I’ve seen). Furthermore, the Draft Charles Barclay was marked by a selection of monsters.# 5 – Philadelphia 76ers) and John Stockton (# 16 – Utah Jazz).

First of all, this circle of legends has won eight titles, seven regular season MVP awards, 47 All Star Game45 selections for ideal NBA teams, 23 for defensive teams, ten basketball titles and nine other assistants. Jordan, Barclays and Stockton were part of it anyway. Dream team Original (1992).

Jordan reached six finals, all of them champions and MVPs. He still has five regular season MVPs, a Best Defender award, 14 selections. All Star GameEleven for ideal teams, nine for defense, ten were league scorers in ten seasons, two-time Olympic champion and the fifth highest scorer in league history (32,292).

Olajuwon, on the other hand, holds the NBA record for the blocks (3,830), was a two-time champion for the Houston Rockets, a two-time final MVP and a regular season winner. Also, it was 12 times All Stars And member of the ideal team, best defender on two occasions, nine-time defender and Olympic champion for the USA.

Barclays was a regular season MVP 11 times in 1993. All Stars And, on 11 other occasions, selected for the ideal teams, and two-time Olympic champion.

Stockton, meanwhile, is the league’s all-time leader in assists (15,806) and steels (3,265). He still has ten choices left. All Star GameFor 11 ideal teams, five more defenses and two Olympic gold medals.

Finally, there were three other players in the class – Elon Robertson (# 7), Otis Thorpe (# 9) and Kevin Willis (# 11). All stars.

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Another historic recruitment was in 1996. Eventually, Kobe Bryant, Alan Everson, Steve Nash and Ray Allen emerged. Together, they meet for four regular season MVPs, 47. All Star Game31 NBA Ideal Team Selection and Seven Titles.

The deceased was a “black mamba”. Choose 13, but it was traded by the Charlotte Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers (via Walid Duke). In his 20 years with the Angelina team, Kobe was a five-time NBA champion, a two-time MVP finalist in addition to the regular season MVP. In addition, it was 18 times All StarsHe was selected 15 times for the ideal teams of the league and 12 more times for the defensive teams. Kobe still holds the record for the fourth highest number of points in NBA history (33,643) and two Olympic gold medals with the United States national team.

Iverson, in turn, was 11 times All StarsSeven for the 2000/01 season NBA Ideal Teams and MVP. In addition, the Philadelphia 76ers legend was the league’s top scorer for four seasons. However, the first overall choice Draft Didn’t win a single title in 1996.

Nish, Choose Of the 15 drafts, the Phoenix Sons have two regular season MVPs. In addition, he was elected eight times. All Stars And seven ideal NBA teams. In addition, he was the league leader in assists for five seasons and, on four occasions, was part of the selected 50-40-90 club (at least 50% on field shots, 40% on three and 90% on free throws). ). However, unlike Iverson, he does not have a champion’s ring.

In contrast, Allen, the fifth pick of the 1996 draft, has two career titles – one with the Boston Celtics and the other with the Miami Heat. Also, it was tenfold All StarsWas part of the ideal teams on two occasions and is the second athlete to convert the most three-pointers in league history (2,973).

Finally, six other players in the class – Sharif Abdul Rahim (# 3), Stephen Marbury (# 4), Antoine Walker (# 6), Peja Stojakovich (# 14), Jermaine O’Neill (# 17) and Zedronas Elgaskas (# 20). – There were. All stars.


The NBA’s Top 3 Recruiters list is 2003. LeBron James (# 1), Dwayne Wade (# 5), Carmelo Anthony (# 3) and Chris Bush (# 4) came out of it. For four regular season MVPs, five final MVPs, 52, among other things, Quartet has been merged. All Star Game33 NBA Ideal Team Selection and Nine Titles.

Trend in High school, LeBron is still active and playing at a high level at the age of 37. The league’s second highest scorer (37,062) has four championship rings (two for the Miami Heat, one for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers), four regular season MVPs, four final MVPs, 18 All Stars18 selections for ideal teams and six more for defense and two Olympic gold medals for USA.

Wade, on the other hand, has three titles with the hat, one MVP in the final, and 13 in the competition. All StarsEight selections for ideal teams, three more for defensive teams and an Olympic gold medal.

Carmelo, on the other hand, has no title. However, Starr, who still plays in the NBA, is the ninth highest scorer in league history (28,289). Also, the festival was ten times All Stars And on six occasions were selected for the ideal teams. He also has three Olympic gold medals.

Bush, the third star of this historic hat, has two titles under his belt. Also, it was 11 times All Stars And once selected for the second ideal team in the league.

Finally, there were five other players in the class – Chris Common (# 6), David West (# 18), Josh Howard (# 29), Moe Williams (# 47) and Kyle Corver (# 51). All stars.

The best draft in NBA history

So, after presenting the three most popular recruitments, I have no doubt the best Draft 1984 was the history of the NBA. The Michael Jordan Factor – the greatest basketball player ever – will be overweight.

However, this year’s class still included Hakim Olajoun, Charles Barclay, and John Stockton. In other words, an unparalleled quartet of myths (to this day).

And for you, dear readers, Draft Was 1984 really the best in NBA history? Or are you considering one from 1996? Maybe one from 2003? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment box!

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