The businessman stopped campaigning with both.

While everything seems to be going awry, the new ridiculous behind-the-scenes situation involving Lova de Pedro and his former manager Alan Jesus is very open because of market names and big brand representatives LeoDias column Contact for details. The influencer was literally prevented from flourishing. To give you an idea, we found out that the young sister is still uninvited by a multinational to take part in a campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Unilever, the world’s third-largest grocery company, sought the services of Glow de Pedrero for the famous Shampoo Claireman campaign for the powerful Manchester United player. But as he did with Nike, Alan Jesus did not respond to the invitation and missed out on one of the greatest opportunities in Louis de Pedro’s life.


“His arrogance in dealing with brands was unanimous in the market,” said one source in the column. Allen promised the young Tucktucker that he would have the news, saying that they were in conversation, but in reality that was exactly what happened with the Amazon Prime video.

The same source that provided us with this information also guaranteed that the opportunity with Unilever would not only make the young man a lot of money, but also gain market recognition, as it is a multinational company that Wants to invest in its image.

Among other things, the column also found out that Alan Souza, who claims to have earned about ً 2 million from Luva’s works, even demanded more than double the amount for the action. “Something is completely out of context for the market,” said a source close to the matter. For many, if Luواa de Pedrero was well organized, it would be “Juliet” in terms of income.

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