The CBF announced Ricardo Marques Ribeiro and Bassols in the Arbitration Commission. VAR of sideline Live à la Premier League will be produced.

At a ceremony this Wednesday (22), the CBF announced its “support” for the Arbitration Commission.

In a ceremony this Wednesday (22), the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) announces a series of “reinforcements” for its critique Arbitration Commission. Information about the arrival of new names Was expected by ESPN Last monday (20).

Among the most famous names, the former flag appears Emerson Augusto de CarvalhoWho will be the vice president of the body; And former referees Ricardo Marquez Ribeiro And Pericles Bassols.

Ribeiro, who has recently retired, will be a member of the refereeing commission, while Basoles, who has been working as a commentator, will be the VAR manager.

At a press conference, Wilson Louise CinemaThe current head of the commission justified the election of Ricardo Marquez.

“Ricardo Marquez was a mediator until yesterday, he has a law degree, he is a lawyer. Finding committee members is important. Having legal references within the department is a strategic role,” he said.

“He was an international referee for many years, he played in the U-20 World Cup, he played in the final of the Uruguay vs Argentina U-20 with full Centenario, he made an unforgettable refereeing that day.”

Cinnamon also talked about the option of Pericles Basol.

Pericles, Giuliano (Bozzano) and Regildenia (Moura), at the last FIFA event, the last seminar, the last FIFA certification of instructors in South America, last month, they were all present. South America at the recent FIFA Refereeing Event. Not done “, he justified.



“The referee who goes to the freezer, when he is melted down, is the referee of the last mistake,” criticized Wilson Cinnamon.

Live off sideline

In its action plan to improve refereeing, the CBF emphasized that it would continue to publish VAR audios of key decisions regarding the Brazilian Championship and the Copa du Brazil Round.

In addition, the Confederation announced that, from the next round of Brasileirão, a virtual off-sideline will be drawn live during TV broadcasts to increase transparency.

It happens, for example, in Premier LeagueIn which the screen is divided to show in real time the location of the lines of the last man and the attacking player.

Other future initiatives will be: a unified teaching platform for national mediation; Training Courses for Arbitration Managers Construction of Arbitration Center of Excellence and Training; Pre-season performance for judges; And the debate over the professionalism of mediation.



Wilson Cinema announced changes to the Confederation’s arbitration this Wednesday.

There will also be an inter-season of refereeing from July 25 to 29 with VAR Simulator training.


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