‘The coach told me to run away, I said it’s not a forest gump’

Faustino Asprilla, former Palmeiras, Parma and Newcastle gave a humorous interview to an Italian newspaper. Gazzetta dello game

Former striker Fastino SpriellaFormerAtlético Nacional, Palm trees, Flumens, پرما, Newcastle And Colombian national teamGave the funniest interview of the year to an Italian newspaper. Gazzetta dello game.

Talking to the car to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his signing by Parma, he has already started shooting tremendously when asked what he does to make a living these days.

“I’m living a very good life. I have a farm, I sell sugarcane to the Colombian government. And I run a campaign to sell condoms. You know sex has always been important to me.“, Strafed.

He laughed at the reporter when asked about his current routine.

“I get up in the afternoon. I have a hearty breakfast based on fruit. I rest in the afternoon. Then bath, dinner and party till dawn“, He wrote.

Spriella also recalled her love and hate relationship with the coach. Escala NewsWith whom he was a multi-champion in Parmada. پارملاتBut it also had some tailwinds.



The former player was the guest of another special review from home.

“I never liked to follow the rules. One day, he wanted to run me through the castle walls, and I told him I was not a forest gump.. Football has always been fun for me. There are no rules and no strategies, “he shouted.

In another bizarre story, Columbia recalls being caught flying a revolver in the air to celebrate the New Year.

“I celebrated the New Year with four or five revolvers in the air. The problem is that I was a famous person. The police took me to the police station and called the Parma leaders who had to bail me out. Anyway, stay on the pitch anyway.” , Because there was Perma vs. Juventus. Let’s just say that my preparation for the game was not better than it could have been. (Laughs) “, he laughed.

Spriella will start as a starter against Joyo a few days after his imprisonment, but his side lost 3-1 to Vilha Senhora, thanks to a goal from Paulo Sousa (former coach). FlamingoAnd Ravanelli (2).

Asked if he still watches football today, “Tino”, as he is known, complained about the toughness of the strategy and admitted to being a Brazilian fan.



The former player was the guest of another special review from home.

I see, but the players look like soldiers at the behest of the trainers.. If they do something wrong, they are out. Tell me a player who can dribble nowadays? I love it Vinicius Jr.Of Real Madrid. I see myself in it a little bit. “


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