The death of a former Miss after tonsillectomy surgery is a rare occurrence. Find out when the operation is indicated Health

  • The body of former Miss Glacier Korea will be buried this Tuesday in Mackay, RJ.

Death from this procedure (called a tonsillectomy) is considered an uncommon occurrence, because the surgery is safe, although critical.

“There was a time when the surgical procedure was done by accident. In the past, there was no general anesthesia like today and since it became a safe and special procedure, its indications have increased tremendously, it is considered trivial. Do Otorhinolaryngologist Fernando Beulacova, a member of the Brazilian Society of Otterhinolaryngology.

The doctor says the proximity of the carotid artery makes the region sensitive and makes interference in the area “dangerous.” “The surgical technique is actually simple, but it is still a low airway, with the greatest risk of bleeding, as the blood can reach the lungs and esophagus through the trachea.”

Considering the warnings, surgery is recommended in at least four different situations. See what they are below:

Repeat the bacterial infection.

According to Mora Nevis, an otolaryngologist at the Brazilian Association of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervico-Facial Surgery, what characterizes a “recurrent bacterial infection” is a recurrence of the infection, which involves more than seven cases, including antibiotics. Requires the use of 12 months.

However, according to Bevilacqua, the choice of tonsillectomy has become increasingly fair, mainly due to the increase in medical treatment options. “ENT should take care that the procedure is involved in the treatment of a cause,” he says.

Known as tonsil surgery, adenidectomy is one of the most performed surgeries in children – Photo: Pixabay

The second indication for this surgery is due to the fact that some people have these organs larger than the standard size, which makes it difficult to breathe. One of the symptoms is snoring during sleep, which makes it difficult for air to pass through the airways.

When there is an advanced stage of bacterial tonsillitis and the infection spreads to other areas of the neck in which abscesses form (accumulation of pus). “Even so, this condition is an indication for emergency surgery, as it is life-threatening,” emphasizes Mora.

Finally, removal of the suspected tumor is indicated, which can be of various types and also affects the region.

The tonsils are insecure and help protect the body.

The first 10 days after a tonsillectomy are at higher risk due to increased pressure and heart rate. Rest and the recommended liquid diet should be strictly adhered to. The more accurate the signal, the less likely it is to be complicated.

“Improvements in the evolution of medicine and understanding of infection, as well as the quality of antibiotics, have reduced the indications and need for surgery. However, It is still one of the most performed surgeries in children. “Explains Mora.

This is mainly due to the infectious effects of recurrent inflammation of the tonsils in children. The damage is greater, given the exposure to antibiotics at a very young age. In addition, in the case of enlarged tonsils, the obstruction that causes insomnia will change the face and the arches of the teeth. ۔

“It also causes restless sleep, and it is not uncommon for a child to urinate in bed, which can lead to school, physical and even emotional damage. Is reduced and recovery is faster and calmer. “, Bevilacqua concluded.

Removal of tonsils does not represent a risk factor for contamination by CoVID-19.

Removal of tonsils does not represent a risk factor for contamination by CoVID-19.

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