The doctor of the future does not prescribe medicines or supplements – 06/23/2022

Pedro, 55, came to me a few weeks ago on the recommendation of a work friend. On our first date, a movie ran through my mind. How many times have I heard the same story, a script that constantly repeats itself with small changes.

He told me he had been in the ranks since he was 25, and now he was under supernatural pressure to deliver.

In this crazy rush of the last 30 years, her lifestyle was getting in the way, her body weight was increasing and medical appointments were piled up. In addition to the consultations done in the last two years alone, he went through half a dozen other specialists besides cardiologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists.

Despite spending little money on doctors for the past 20 years, their health is deteriorating with each passing day. When he goes to the doctor, he takes a new prescription. Disappointed with the stockpile of medicines, he was shocked when he was forced to change his daily medicine box to something bigger than the one he had bought earlier.

Now the problems have accumulated in a terrible way. In addition to cholesterol and high blood pressure, he had fibromyalgia, fat accumulation in the liver, delicate gout, severe sleep problems, depression, gastritis, reflux and other “minor problems”.

Where is the prevention professional?

Because he had severe sleep problems and felt chronic fatigue that did not go away, he followed the advice of a friend and sought out a well-known doctor in Sao Paulo, who was trained in Integrative Medicine in the United States. Is. He left with a dozen supplements that would eventually solve his problems.

His wife was shocked to find that now that she was taking her night pills and supplements, she needed two glasses of water to deal with the large amount of pills in front of her.

No problem! At least it will be better hydrated at night. As he learned in self-help books, we should always look at the bright side of things. For supplements only, he was spending more than R $ 6,000 a month in the doctor-prescribed laboratory.

Furthermore, as he took care of his health, over the past 20 years, following a number of restricted diets, he became one of the “best” and most popular nutritionists on a regular basis. Mysteriously, however, he had only gained weight during this time, although he was getting good results in the short term. In the last 10 years, he lost 10 to 15 kg for 6 months and regained it in the following months, gaining a few more pounds in this game.

When he reached 120 kilograms, he felt it was time to move on and finally start a “healthy” lifestyle, walking on the body of his dreams, as promised.

Only then did he begin his ordeal, enrolling in Jammu and trying to adopt the cruel scheme of training feeds. Because the exercise routine was so painful, he didn’t get the expected result or he hurt himself or gave up, so he decided to play his last card. Last year, she signed up for CrossFit.

It would be better not to try. Just two months later, the adventure resulted in tendonitis and a knee injury. Not surprisingly, extreme activities may not be the best option for 300 pound (140 kg) students as they are now.

As you can see from this brief report, following the current consumer market advice can lead to a reversal of the devastating proportions for your physical and mental health.

What about a society that leads people to inhumane attire and promotes a lifestyle that causes the extraordinary failure of their bodies?

As Krishna Murthy, the most brilliant and influential contemporary spiritual leader, says, it is not a sign of health to be well adapted to a sick society!

Taking care of health is different from taking care of the disease.

A new branch of medicine is emerging. Unfortunately, some health professionals are still not dedicated to the divine mission of working carefully with efficiency and pragmatism. It’s not their fault, the new age medicine is still in its infancy.

The idea behind this change is clear, if lifestyle is the most decisive factor in the treatment and prevention of modern diseases, then we must act on it.

Not long ago, I began to realize that my job was to fill a large hole left by traditional medicine. Only in 2004, when I started researching to understand and deepen my way of working, which ended up becoming a book, did I realize through the countless impressions of my students that I was doing something extraordinary? I am working.

My father, Nono Cobra, the master and creator of our conscious self-care method, always taught me that there really is no Ministry of Health or health plan in our society that is effective. As he used to say in his lectures, jokingly, what will actually exist is a “Ministry of Disease”, because the main focus of traditional medicine is on acting on symptoms and not on cause.

In 2021, for example, Brazil spent 43 43 billion on diabetes and its complications alone, the third largest in the world. “American Way of Live” tops the list with فحش 340 billion spent annually on pornography. Try to imagine how much we can save on public health if we really focus on prevention.

In our view, the only health plan that will give you immunity and strength, effectively protect you from getting sick, is one of the basic pillars of our physical and mental health: sleep, physical activity and structural habits in relation to food. Contains changes. Among others.

In honor of my father, I posted a compliment on YouTube from a student who worked with him 30 years ago. After surgery and extremely worrying cholesterol and blood sugar levels, she realized that her lifestyle was killing her. However, instead of settling down and taking refuge in medicine, controlling the symptoms, as is more common, he took a fundamental turn in his way of life and five months later he was out of danger. Watch the video:

Since 1984, some of my students have been businessmen and executives, which I call “corporate athletes” because they need to perform well.

As time went on, I noticed that the mission of our method was somewhat clear and effective. In fact, by maintaining balance and changing their lifestyle, many students have been able to reverse serious cases of physical illness and, over time, remove all of the medications they have used to improve their physical and mental health. And regain health.

One day a big businessman said to me:

– Nono, I’ve been through all the doctors you can imagine. Why didn’t anyone teach me about sleep, healthy physical activity, dealing with emotional hunger and all that you teach me? These are very simple things, but they all make a difference.

The only answer that came to my mind was that these professionals would not be committed to prevention but to strategies based on remediation or immediate solution to the problem. In fact, it is a good way to identify a professional who is conscious or not, if he suggests a shortcut or quick solution, then know that you are entering the world of “fast use”, As i say it

How to identify a real health professional?

Interestingly, healthcare professionals are not where clients think they should be, so many people find it extremely difficult to find them. This struggle can be fraught with losses.

You see, I don’t want to deviate from the current medicine, which has given us so much progress in treating diseases, but we need an additional and diverse treatment to take care of our health.

In general, real health professionals have been led to an alternative system that is against the mainstream fashion and market trends.

A health professional must be committed to preventing, treating, gradually and carefully, following the real causes behind our organic imbalances.

A true healthcare professional should play the role of a dedicated travel companion in proposing and harmonizing smooth, sustainable and gradual changes in our lifestyle.

Thus, unlike a doctor who “puts out the fire” and rarely sees the patient, when the problem is already mature and ready, a truly effective therapy route requires regular monitoring, such as Consultant performance in quality. Expert in changing lives and habits.

At Nutrition, we find this professional in new treatments for conscious eating, avoiding restricted foods, and following student habits and behaviors.

In physical training, unfortunately, the focus on health is a rarity, as almost the entire market is focused on aesthetics and performance. Therefore, Conscious Coaches will be represented by professionals dedicated to the real physical education resistance movement, physiotherapy, yoga, Pilates and other balanced and active alternative methods by some professionals who are truly committed to student health.

Thank God, the traditional doctor, a person who barely speaks to the patient and only prescribes some medicine, and says good afternoon, is already on the verge of extinction. After all, evolution is no longer an option, it is an urgent issue that will determine the survival of our races here on the blue planet.

The new essential medicine is already a reality! To learn more, learn the Consciousness Training Movement:

* Note: In my previous column, I promised to tell in detail a true story that happened to me. As soon as a quick insight gets in the way, the story will be left for the next opportunity.

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