The failure of Diego Elvis in the Copa do Brazil sparks controversy over Flamingo’s goal.

2-1 defeat at the hands of Atletico-MG In Mineirão, last Wednesday, for the first phase Copa du Brazil Round of 16It brought to light the debate over who should have what purpose. Flamingo. That’s why Diego Alves, selected by Dorival Júnior, missed the first goal of the match, which was scored by Hulk early in the first half.

> Performances: Diego Alves and Mathieu Zinho have the lowest scores.

The position debate, it is worth remembering, began earlier this season, when Hugo replaced Diego Elvis, who had been an absolute starter since 2017. Under the command of Palo Susa, the veteran Shirt 1 played only two occasions. – All in Cariocão.

However, Hugo never agreed with the fans, mainly because of the mistakes made in the first half. Some mistakes were made in important moments as well Brazilian Super Cup And in the last part Game against the planet, Valid for Brasileirão. Despite this, the goalkeeper was paid by the commission of Paulo Sousa.

What are the other options today?
Currently, Flamingo still has two more goalkeepers: Mathis Konha and Santos. The first comes from the main categories and he played only the first two games of the Flamengo season, all right for Cariocão. The second was at the request of then-coach Paulo Sousa, but only played in the Copas (Brazil and Libertadores).

It is noteworthy that after a month and a half, Santos recovered from a muscle injury and was once again available for Doriwal Jr. By the way, it was because of physical problems that he played only four games for Flamingo – Archer managed to score one goal in all the matches, but he was safe and he made no mistake.

Santos, Hugo, Mathis Konha and Diego Elvis are flamingo’s professional team goalkeepers (Photo: Gloucester de Souza / Flamingo)

What is the position of the coach?
The goal option was already the subject of Dorivall Jr.’s press conference. After the victory over Cuiabá, for the 12th round of Brasileirão, the coach praised all the players at his disposal in Flamingo, but did not establish any of them as absolute starters.

– We have three great goalkeepers, plus twenty boys are being trained. At any moment, we have one or the other player to play. I’ve done this on the last few teams I’ve been on. I think this kind of coexistence is necessary, the holder will be the one who is currently in the best physical and technical condition, especially the outfield players.


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