The Fast Shop Store website has been hacked and the group wants to discuss customer data.

The notice of intervention has been posted on the official Fast Shop Twitter.

Store Fast shop Apparently its website had been hacked in the last few hours and the author claims that the company has a lot of information including corporate and user data, the store is known for selling electronic products, including television. , Video games, smartphones and many more products.

When trying to access the official website of Fast shopThe page is unable to connect to any server. Upon entering the company’s Twitter, we received a warning about an attack on the company’s servers. Fast shop And a message suggesting negotiations so that data is not leaked.

Check out the post below. Twitter Officials Fast shop

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“Hello Fast Shop Admin

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In the last 72 hours, FastShop Cloud and IT systems have been exposed to extortion.

We’ve got access to a few TBs of your VCenter data and access to various cloud services, AWS, AZURE, IBM, GITLAB.

The data includes source codes PCI data | Different user and corporate data.

We are happy to do business with you to prevent this data from being leaked. And help solve problems.

We suggest you contact our telegram @nwgenceo “

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Before Tweet Report an attack, profile Fast shop Published that it will be closed until June 26, while the services of the online store will be suspended until June 27, see below.

The Fast shop Is a retail chain that has been operating in Brazil since 1986 and has physical stores throughout Brazil in addition to its online stores and sales in other markets.

According to this publication, Fast shop He did not comment on any of his other major social networks (Facebook and Instagram), we will update when we have official information about him.

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