The first suspected case of Monkey Pox has come to light in Natal – 06/23/2022 – News.

The Municipal Health Department (SMS / Natal) and the State Department of Public Health (Sesap / RN) have reported that the first suspected case of infection with the Monkey Smallpox virus has been identified. According to the information, the patient is 40 years old, male and has a recent travel history to Spain and is in contact with a confirmed case in a European country. The case was identified this Thursday (23).


According to the SMS, the patient has already received medical care and has collected material in accordance with existing protocols and guidelines on the need to maintain isolation, as transmission wounds, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminants Contains close contact with content.

Sesap reported that the patient was treated at Giselda Trigueiro Hospital. She has mild symptoms, was not hospitalized and was sent away from home.

According to the Ministry of Health, Brazil has already confirmed 11 cases of Monkey Pox. The last three cases were confirmed on Wednesday (22). “The Ministry of Health has reported that, so far, 11 cases of monkey pox have been confirmed in Brazil, seven in the state of Sao Paulo, two in Rio de Janeiro and two in Rio Grande do Sul,” Pasta explained. Who didn’t say that More details on new cases.

Monkey pox was first discovered in 1958, when two smallpox-like diseases began to spread in monkey colonies set up for research. The first human case of its kind was recorded in the Congo in 1970. It was later reported in humans in other Central and West African countries.

View full SMS note:

“Today, June 23, 2022, the first suspected case of contagion by the Monkey Smallpox virus was identified in a male patient whose date of travel to Spain was reported,” the Christmas Municipal Health Secretariat reported. Was and a confirmed case was contacted in this country.

Immediately, SMS Natal took all steps through the Strategic Information Center (CIEVS / Natal) on health monitoring, liaising with the patient and initiating epidemiological investigations and monitoring RN-CIEVS / RN health monitoring. Reported case with Strategic Information Center. And a communication to the Center for Strategic Information on National Health Surveillance – CIEVS / Nacional, as well as the National Health Surveillance Agency – ANVISA to survey flight communicators.

The patient has already received medical care and has collected material in accordance with existing protocols and guidelines for maintaining isolation, as transmission occurs through close contact with wounds, body fluids, respiratory droplets and contaminants. ۔

Finally, we note that new information will be provided as the investigation progresses. “

View full note from Sesap:

SESAP reports that the first suspected case of monkey pox, also known as monkey smallpox, has been reported. Reported to the hospital.

The patient is a 40-year-old man with a travel history in Spain and, according to medical advice, is isolated at home.

This week, the Secretariat issued a technical note on disease guidance and management in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, referring to Gasalda Trigiro at Natal Hospital and Rafael Fernandes at Mussoorie.


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