The hospital achieves the highest level of Unimed Criciúma international accreditation.

Unimed Criciúma Hospital (HUC) has achieved something unprecedented for the southern region. The company has reached the highest level in Qmentum International Accreditation, which is considered to be one of the most demanding certification process in the world. Conducted by the Quality Global Alliance (QGA), the audit took place in the first half of June and, this week, the process was officially approved, giving Criciúma a Diamond Accredited seal.

During the hospital visit, QGA auditors reviewed a number of aspects related to quality and patient safety. The diagnostic model ensures that the organization meets the requirements of international governance and good care practices. The Quality Global Alliance is part of the largest global coalition for the development and implementation of the best global standards in personal healthcare.

“This hospital is a great achievement for Unimed Criciúma, for our cooperatives and, of course, the biggest beneficiaries are our customers. Reaching the diamond level in international accreditation. Is a testament to the commitment of the Unimed Network to the health of themselves and their families. ” Landro Ivani Nunes.

Unimed Criciúma Hospital Technical Director, Fabio de Barros SouzaThe standards used in the procedure aim to help determine the quality of service delivery in the care environment and incorporate a culture of quality, safety and care focused on the patient and family in all aspects. The involvement of all the professionals of the cooperative was and continues to be the key to ensuring the application of this culture within the organization.

Achieving this accreditation combines a noble goal, which is to provide health to Unimed users with the best experience possible, as highlighted by the hospital’s managing director, Gustavo Machado Viana. “We are always on the lookout for innovation, improvement and evolution, so this certification comes to include and strengthen our clinical governance, organizational performance and personal center care process. Consumers and the health system in general are valued more, “Vienna concluded.

What is Qmentum International Accreditation?

Qmentum International Procedures guides and oversees high performance standards in quality and safety in the healthcare sector, starting in Canada and operating in more than 40 countries. In Brazil, it is applied by the Quality Global Alliance (QGA), and the diagnostic standards used are from the Health Standards Organization (HSO). The QGA-HSO alliance paves the way for Brazilian healthcare institutions to access international / global standards of excellence and innovation, with unique opportunities for exchange of best practices.

Accreditation is one of the most effective ways for organizations to regularly review and improve the quality of their processes and services. Standards provides tools for organizations to incorporate quality improvement activities into their day-to-day operations, with the primary focus on involving the customer / client and family as real partners in service delivery.

Collaboration: Vanessa Amando | Press Office Unimed Criciúma


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