The hospital in Rio de Janeiro is in critical condition.

Marilo Beyonc ((Photo: Red Globo / Esteem Euler)

Actress Marilo Beuno, 82, is being treated at Miguel Cotto Hospital in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Wanted by WHO This Tuesday (21), the Municipal Health Department of Rio reported that the artist’s health condition is critical. “The Miguel Cotto Municipal Hospital directive states that the patient’s condition is critical,” the unit said, without elaborating on the reason for the hospital’s admission, which is confined to the family.

On June 17, Marillo’s health deteriorated after undergoing abdominal surgery. The actress is unconscious and uses a breather in the hospital’s ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

From UPA to hospital

Columnist in early June Alessandro Lu Bianco Told in the program The afternoon is yours., From Red TV! The actress was taken by a friend to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in the Copacabana neighborhood for treatment, and was immediately transferred to Miguel Cotto Municipal Hospital. According to the reporter, Marillo may have been transferred from UPA to Miguel Cotto Hospital with a suspected nose cancer patient.

In 2016, Marillo was admitted to the LeBron Regional Emergency Coordination ICU in Rio de Janeiro after a urinary tract infection. According to the municipal health department, WHO Her condition was critical at the time.


Born in Rio, where she lives alone in a Copacabana apartment, Marillo has been acting since the 1960s and has a long list of prominent roles in her career, especially in television and theater. In the 90’s, Marillo was on the soap opera cast. Body and soul, Four to four And The end of the world.

The actress was successful Head Hunter, A series starring Angelica as Pre-Margarida, one of the main characters in the children’s series, which aired on the morning of Globo between 1996 and 1998. She attended in 2003. Yellow woodpecker siteIn the skin of Donna Carochenha, actress Josie Antello is being replaced. In 2005, Marillo was invited to join the show’s fixed cast.

In 2006, he appeared on Record TV, where he starred in the soap opera. Bush bugsSuch as Tia Zalmeira, where she played two sisters with Beatrice Siegel, and Flames of lifeLike Tia Katrina, sister and pensioner of Vó Tuquinha, the actress played Iris Barzi.

In 2016, he This is the good world!Narcissa is playing, by Walcyr Carrasco. In 2020, he was invited again. Daniel Ortiz I go back to television Save yourself what you can.A soap opera that premiered in January 2020, where it was part of a love triangle created by actors. Grace Gyanokas And Cosme dos Santos.

Marillo Beyonc میں in the War of Gender (2012) (Photo: Globo / Alex Carvalho)

Marillo Beyonc میں in the War of Gender (2012) (Photo: Globo / Alex Carvalho)


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