The iPhone works again after 10 months of sinking. Understand the case Sale

An iPhone started working again after spending ten months underwater. The incident took place in Sunderford, a small town in Gloucestershire County, England. In August 2021, Owen Davis was canoeing with a friend during a bachelor party when he fell off a boat and lost his iPhone XR in the waters of the Y River. The phone was found ten months later by another passerby, and interestingly, it was still working. It is worth noting that this model has IP67 certification, which theoretically guarantees 1 meter diving resistance for only 30 minutes.

The savior of the iPhone, Miguel Pachiko, said he even suspected the cell phone was working, but nevertheless, he decided to dry the phone and test it, assuming it contained it. There will be content of emotional value for the former owner. With a full charge, the Apple cell phone turned on again and the screen saver showed a picture of a man and a woman, dated August 13. The day the device fell into the water, in 2021. From there, the man began searching for the owner of the smartphone.

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The iPhone works again after 10 months of sinking. Understand the Case – Photo: Bruno de Blasi / Tech Todo

Find the owner of the lost iPhone

The search for the owner of the missing mobile phone began on social media. Pachiko posted photos of the device to a local group on Facebook and was shared more than 4,000 times by users of the platform. Despite the iPhone owner leaving his profile on the network six months before sharing, the photo was recognized by Davis’ friends and his fiance Fiona Gardner, who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland – about 6.5 Hour journey Car to the city where the phone was lost.

In a radio interview BBC From Gloucestershire, Davis revealed that he lost his cell phone when a colleague who shared a canoe with him got on the boat. “I was in a two-person boat, my partner probably shouldn’t have gotten into the boat and we fell, the phone was in my back pocket and as soon as I fell into the water I thought ‘well this phone is gone’, because He was at the bottom of the river, ‘he explained.

More recent iPhones are waterproof – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

IPhone XR Water Protection

Launched by Apple in 2018, the iPhone XR arrived at the same time with a proposal to become a more affordable version of the available models. The cell phone is rated with IP67 protection, which, according to the manufacturer, allows the device to be immersed in a column of fresh water for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

It is important to note that resistance to spraying, water and dust is not a permanent condition and its effectiveness may decrease over time. Also, liquid damage – in theory – is not included in Apple’s warranty.

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